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published on 06 July 2012
We are getting close to the climax in more ways than one. Enjoy the next unedited scene. ~~~Eliza

Sex Fae Sex 

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Exhausted after his second orgasm, Max kissed Shelby’s neck, slid out of her, and rolled to his side, studying her.
Normally she felt self-conscious when anyone stared so intently at her, but she was high on the energy from the sex.
“Those wings are awesome.” He ran the tips of his fingers over an edge. They vibrated and she shivered. “Feel good?” he asked.
Shelby nodded. All sorts of heated desire sizzled straight to her core. She trembled with the arousal, turned and stared back at him. “Wow, your orgasm filled me with so much vitality I almost feel sated.”
“Almost?” He groaned and flopped on the pillow. “What’s it gonna take to fill you to the brim?”
Kyle. She blinked, glanced away, and pushed the thought away. It wasn’t going to happen. He’d locked himself in a vault to keep away from her until they both figured out how to control their urges.
Max turned her face back to examine her expression and sighed with a sad smile. “Never mind.” He frowned. “I know.” He scooped her into his arms and squeezed her. “It’s all right to need Kyle, too. You don’t have to protect me from your feelings, Shelby. I love you, babe. This is who you are now and I’m fine with it.”
“I don’t want you to think I’m insulting to your virility when I say there’s still room for more, especially after gobbling up the energy from your last scrumptious orgasm and mine.”
“My male ego is just fine. If you need more sustenance, sprinkle a little of that special dust and I’m here for you.”
“The experience tasted mouthwatering—like a ten-course meal. And that doesn’t even take into account the way you make my body feel.” She lightly kissed his lips, releasing a slow moan as she ran her tongue over his full bottom lip, and nibbled.
When she ran a fingertip across his tan male nipple and watched it tighten, he covered her hand with his, patted it, and sat up to look down at her. Dylan had explained her need for Kyle, and possibly others to them. She was still trying to come to terms with separating her physical needs from her emotional ones.
“Our personal commitment to each other makes what we have unique to us,” she said.
“But you and I have a relationship with Kyle that I can’t ignore." Max lifted her chin. "That isn’t going to change, ever.”
“I guess you’re right. I just haven’t accepted all this yet.”
“That’s okay. Who could? Now, are you still hungry or are you going to put these wings away for a while?”
“I could go for dessert…” She gave him what she thought was her most seductive look and did her best to overpower him. Max didn’t actually fight back when she dropped the sheet and climbed on top of him. He laid himself back against the sheets as she straddled him.
Her wings sent a fine mist of shimmering dust into the air as she bent over and kissed him—this time slowly and more thoroughly.
“God, I love the way you make me feel,” he murmured against her lips before he opened again. Their hot tongues twisted in sensual battle, fighting for dominance within the desperate kiss.
He pulled his head away and asked, “You want control for dessert?”

When she nodded, he completely gave himself and control up to her. Although he’d been sexually spent after making love to Shelby earlier, touching her magical wings had him ready for her all over again.
She rose above him naked and painfully beautiful. Her gossamer wings spreading out behind her, wrapped around her and caressed him. That quickly, he became aroused. Nothing ever affected him like that before. The dust was better than the little blue pill.
Her sweet pink nipples peeked through the strands of red hair teasing him as she leaned over his chest and rubbed them lightly down his abdomen. The tips of her wings firmly held his arms outstretched as she lowered her mouth to his chest. Her warm, moist tongue slowly slid in a straight line down his body until she reached his groin and licked her way up the length of him. He arched against her tongue, and ached to be inside her mouth
“Geez, Shelby,” he gasped with pleasure, “I wasn’t expecting to actually be dessert.”
“You don’t want to be dessert?” she asked with a sly grin.
Her tongue circled the tip of his dick before he could answer. “Oh hell, yes, he gasped out, “I wanna be your ice cream cone, babe.” The heat of her breath brushed over the most sensitive part of his anatomy making him moan. If he had to, he’d beg. “Please, lick away, but don’t forget to take me deep down your throat the way I like it.”
“Hmm, are you giving direction? Because I swear I heard someone say I could be in charge for dessert.”
She took a long swipe of her tongue from base to tip that had him arching against her lips again.
“A-ah, I remember. You go ahead. Take whatever charge you like. Just don’t stop. Please.”
God, her mouth was sexy as hell. Her fae hunger was almost tangible as she feasted on him. The fact he could feed her like this also turned him on. It was a bit like tapping into the nurturing part of his nature that he wasn’t aware of.
His arousal fed her like an appetizer. His sexual pleasure fueled hers. Their mutual orgasms satisfied both of them. More importantly, it re-energized her while she was suffering the effects of the moon cycle. She experienced her own pleasure and fulfillment along with his, and that satisfied Max more than any sexual act he’d ever encountered.
As she sucked him into her mouth, licking, pulling, and nipping—he immersed himself in the sensations so she could experience his desire, smell his arousal, and feel the pleasure as the temper of his growing erection pulsed thickly within her mouth.
The erotic sound of her ragged breathing had his own respiration racing when the tip of her tongue dipped into his slit, encouraging the creamy drops to rise to her lips as he tried to hold his orgasm back. As soon as she tasted the first drop seeping to the surface, she moaned. Knowing she took so much pleasure with a single taste from his body, he anticipated the next moment. The moment when she encouraged him to ejaculate so she could feed, both figuratively and literally, from him. He wanted to feel the pull of her lips as she suckled his essence and swallowed, taking a part of him inside her. He longed for that moment when he brought her more than physical satisfaction, because theirs was more than a physical bond—theirs was a bond forged by a deep abiding friendship and that knowledge further aroused him—if that was even possible.
“I want to touch you,” Max growled in a voice so sexually charged, he almost didn’t recognize it as his own.
Shelby laughed and let out a short snort. “Soon. Relax. Enjoy the moment. Let me give you this pleasure, Max. This is all for you.”
“No! You have to take the energy. Tonight the moon is at its fullest. You need everything I can give you, babe. Take it. All of it,” he groaned as her mouth and tongue continued to pleasure his dick. “I won’t come ’til you promise.”
“We’ll see.”
She moved to his balls and behind to the perineum. A bit farther up, she circled his tight opening with a damp finger. His balls slammed against his body. The tension mounted. Holding himself in check was nearly impossible when her mouth covered his full length, and she took fully down her throat.
“Oh, Shelby, that—feels—awesome. So—fucking—good.”  
When one hand lightly squeezed his balls as she sucked, he shouted out an oath. The pressure behind his balls sent his release shooting down her throat with each rapid thrust she coaxed from his hips. He couldn’t stop as she drew more and more from him with her talented mouth.
When he finally finished ejaculating, he lifted his head and opened his eyes to watch. She looked up, licked her lips, and gave him a slow sexy smile. By the time he focused on anything other than her mouth, faery dust covered him from head to toe, and he realized she’d sucked up every, last drop he’d spilled. The satisfied look on her face told him she’d enjoyed dessert.
“You're an awesome sex fae, babe.”
Shelby pushed her hair back off her face, ran both hands over her breasts and down her body. “I am. Aren’t I?” She cupped her mound, closed her eyes, and smiled. Lifting her hips over his still erect dick, she said, “For us,” and took his length inside her.
“Us? Release me, then. I am going to touch you this time.”
Shelby chuckled and the hold she had on his wrists lightened. The tickle of her wings traveled up his arms and over his shoulders as her hands caressed his chest.
He flipped her to her back, careful not to bend those beautiful wings, and thrust inside her. He tasted the faery dust on her breasts when he took a tight nipple between his lips. The aphrodisiac effects took over making him even more desperate than he already was for her. He licked and nipped each nipple the way she liked before he suckled. He smiled against her skin when he drew a surprised gasp from her.
She loved having him press his thumb to her clit as he thrust. But he wasn’t finished with her yet. He withdrew and lifted both her calves to his shoulders, bent down, and kissed her softly between her legs—one swollen lip then the other. Finally, he parted her lips with his fingers so he could see the swollen nub protruding from the folds, and lightly kissed her there.
Her entire body spasmed beneath his light touch. He slipped two fingers inside searching for the spot behind her clit—the spot that set her on fire and released the cream before the orgasm sent the liquid honey pouring from her. He watched her eyes as he found the spot, rapidly rubbed it, keeping pressure it at the same time he leaned in to kiss her.
At first, she fought her response. Tossing her head from side to side, she tried to scoot away from the intensity of the sensation. He kept up the pace until she relaxed in his hands and gave in to the building tension. When she thrust into his hand, her hot velvety channel clenched around his fingers with her need, and her engorged clit pressed against his thumb.
She screamed his name, and suddenly the juices building up inside her exploded, squirting and soaking his hand. As the sweet scented cream spilled from her, he drove back inside her, content that he’d brought her satisfaction.
As her walls clenched around him, he realized this wasn’t going to be a gentle moment. He pulled out and flipped her to her stomach, lifted her hips in the air, and licked the juices from her. All the while, she moaned with pleasure, and the sound of her throaty voice whispered, “More, more,” spurring him on.
He placed his hips against her plumb ass cheeks and roughly entered her again—this time pounding into her. The sound of his body slapping against hers aroused him even more. The sensation of the sweaty glide of skin against skin had him as hard as ice-forged steel as he pumped into her.
She gasped beneath him.
“Is this too hard or hard enough?” he asked, still thrusting.
“H-harder,” she begged.
He slapped her ass and smiled when she cried out, “More.”
He held back his climax and plunged repeatedly inside her like it was his last fuck, slapping her ass cheeks pink, and riding her to the finish line.
When they climaxed together, she said, “Ah,” and collapsed into the pillows, on her face. A moment later, she turned to look at him as he kissed her neck. “Mmm…that tasted like an after dinner aperitif as it hits the back of your throat—shocking, scorching, smooth, and satisfying.”
“Thank you…I think.” Max said and lightly touched the pink on her backside. “You might want to put some cool cloths on that or soak in the tub. Will you be okay if I check out what Victor’s been working on so far?”
“Mmm. The tub sounds like a great idea.” She reached around looking for assistance to get up. “Help me. I have over-cooked spaghetti legs.”
He took her hand and pulled her up against his chest, nuzzling her neck. Go on before you get me going all over again. He tapped the pink spot as she walked by. “You liked it rough with a little spanking?”
“I did,” she answered with a puzzled expression. “It took the pleasure to a new level. I don’t think I’d like it any rougher, but I trusted you to contain yourself.” She blew him a kiss as she disappeared into the bathroom.
He was a sweaty mess. He should join her. Nope, if you do you’ll end up right back in this bed.

He sniffed, found the earlier shower had been sufficient, and put on the shirt he hadn’t had on for more than a half hour at a time since he arrived this morning. Max used the hall bathroom to wash off any remaining faery dust, figuring Victor would have to live with any lingering after effects. 

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