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New Chapter...Succubus Advice for a Sex Fae

Defeat The Darkness . . . continued
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The tank top worked out fine once Shelby figured out where to situate the thin string straps around her wings. Her wings? They actually were lovely. Delicate. Fragile. Colorful. Iridescent. A contrast to the dark, powerfully masculine wings Kyle managed to get back under control with Victor’s help--once he and Max arrived.
Kyle’s wings were contained under his skin along his spine for the time being, but she knew he was keeping his distance to maintain his self-control. She twitched hers and they moved a fraction of an inch spreading a fine shimmering dust (similar to the kind on butterfly wings) into the room all around her. All the men groaned at once and backed away from her. Apparently, the dust acted like an aphrodisiac.
 “Ah, sorry,” she said, suddenly feeling hungry again. As quickly as her hunger started, it stopped.
She suspected Dylan was the one controlling not only her hunger, but also, what under normal circumstances would be, her and Max’s hysteria.
Victor still hung back with Kyle while Dylan finished explaining everything to her and Max. “I’ve called Simone. She’s a succubus, the closest thing we have to a sex fae in the area. She should be able to assist with questions and be able to teach you something about your powers until I can locate another of your kind.”
“A succubus? What’s the difference between us?”
“A succubus can be deadly when out of control. They sneak into your mind while you sleep and exist off sexual dreams. They are dark fae and are likely to kill their hosts without consideration. Simone has learned how to exist in our world without killing. She will be very helpful to you.”
Max had the next question. “And you’re saying the difference between Shelby and Simone is that one lives off waking sex and the other dream sex?”
“Not exactly. Shelby would never kill her partner. She can pleasure herself and survive off her own orgasms if necessary. A succubus feeds off the orgasm created during a dream, during a deep dark sleep. It’s dangerous for the host because they want to remain in the state of ecstasy—that moment of the perfect orgasm. They don’t want to awake.”
Max said, “Shelby is undergoing changes. Her blood has the same virus as Kyle’s.”
“Yes, it is the jaguar virus. But she can’t change the way Kyle can. She has no shifter DNA. The one symptom she is experiencing is the cat’s estrus. With the full moon, her needs are great.” Victor explained.
“Hey, ya’ll. I’m really not comfortable having this conversation with all you men.” Shelby spit out.
“I’m sorry, Shelby, but Dylan is here to help you and Max remain calm while you assimilate all this information, and Victor is the only authority we have on my condition.”
Kyle looked remorseful when he spoke to her, and he should. He was the one who’d gotten them into all this.
“You and your big ideas. I hope those wings haven’t given you a super-hero-complex to go with your plans to save the world.”
Max interrupted and damn, the man sided with Kyle. “Wait a minute. You can’t blame this on Kyle’s good intentions. The blame rests squarely on that woman’s shoulders.”
Shelby slumped and sighed as she sank into the nearest chair then jumped when her wings bent. She stretched them wide and re-situated herself forward in the chair. Damn she needed to learn how to fold them up and reabsorb then into her skin.
 Dylan had done something to keep her from feeling the sexual hunger so she wasn’t ready to hump the first man who stepped within her grasp, but the effects made her snappy. “You right, Max.” She held up her hands in defeat. “I didn’t mean that, Kyle. This isn’t your fault.” With her elbows on her knees, she dropped her head in her hands. “Everything is that bitch’s fault, and so help me I am going to find a way to even the score.”
A knock at the door had everyone except Dylan jumping. He motioned to Shelby. “Simone’s here. You won’t feel so put upon by us males.” He chuckled on his way to answer the door.
“Right. And I’ll be safe and comfortable as long as I can keep my eyes open,” Max said.
Shelby's laugh was sarcastic. “Not from me, if Dylan let’s down my guard. None of you will be safe until the full moon is past.”
She heard the rumble coming out of Kyle’s chest from across the room and pointed her finger at him. “Tell me you didn’t activate my sex-fae-in-heat-gene and now think you can get all pissy over my one source of survival…sex. Because if that was a jealous sound instead of a whatever-gets-you-off-babe sound I am going to personally sic the succubus on you.”
Simone slinked in the room, red dress cut to her navel, and hips swaying like there was a strong breeze. She was every man’s image of a wet dream—long blonde hair, large breasts, and legs that didn’t stop. She followed Shelby’s pointed finger, stared at Kyle, and said, “Be my pleasure, chér. He looks like a meal I could feast on for weeks.”
Kyle said, “Very funny. Are you coming with me, Victor?”
Victor bowed to the succubus and expressed his pleasure at meeting her. Max and Shelby followed suit and introduced themselves—she with her heated cheeks about getting caught threatening Kyle, and Max uncomfortable with an obvious erection in his pants.
Guess two sex fae, one light and one dark, in a room was more than most men could handle.
“Why don’t you ladies take this room while Max and I go watch Victor train Kyle. If you need anything, think about me and I’ll know.”
Simone sized Shelby up as soon as Dylan and Max left. “The big blond guy and the dark surly one are both hot for you?”
Shelby shrugged uncomfortably.
“You’ll get over those old human inhibitions after a few more moon cycles. The blond is easy going enough, but I’m not sure the dark one is ever going to accept your fae nature,” she shook her head slowly while inspecting Shelby carefully. “Can you live with that?”
“Do I have a choice?”
“No, chér. It’s not like you can undo what has been done. You can make the best of it and remind him, you wish it was different.”
“I don’t need anyone but him,” she said, sounding like a petulant child.
Simone smiled. It was a sad, patient smile. She spoke softly as if she were speaking to a small child, “Chér, he will not be enough. He cannot be with you every minute of every day. He cannot be steak when you crave ice cream. You will wither and die without variety. He wouldn’t want that. None of them understand your true nature, chérie…not yet. Give it time and have patience. Do not be concerned. I sense the dark one cares enough to share you if he must.”
“That’s a relief but it isn’t the biggest hurdle. He is a shifter, a vampire, and the demon beast. His jaguar imprinted on me, and I go into heat at the time of the full moon. If what you are all saying is true, I’ll need more than Max can supply for me, yet I don’t want to be with anyone other than Kyle. Max has agreed to feed my hunger because Kyle won’t.”
“What is wrong with Kyle? He wants you. I sensed it. Why won’t he service you?” She looked Shelby up and down as if trying to see what he could possibly find missing.
“His powers are new. I’m mortal and he’s not. He’s afraid he’ll kill me.”
The succubus tapped her finger against her plump lip. “What do you believe?”
“Never. He’d never hurt me.”
“Then do what sex fae are born to do. Seduce him, chér. When you are ready he won’t be able to resist you.” Simone’s voice tinkled when she laughed and the sound lightened Shelby’s heart.
  “Yeah,” Shelby grinned. “I guess I’ll have to get used to the idea. I have the power to bring any man to his knees if I want him.”
“Yes. Now let’s teach you how to control that power so you don’t have a caravan of men following you around being obvious.”
“Good thinking.” The image made Shelby giggle. When she tried to move, she got tangled in her wings. “Oh, and have you had any experience with wings? I could use a little advice about using them and putting them away. They seem to always be in my way.”
“No experience with wings. Sorry. But I wonder if controlling them is similar to the way I turn into shadows.”
“Shadows? You dematerialize?”
“Yes, chér. That is how I enter dreams…as a shadow. Once I’m in the dream, I am much the same as a sex fae.”
“What about the wings?”
“Imagine them folding up, rolling into the skin beneath your back. Close your eyes and try it.”
Shelby did as Simone instructed and on the second try, the wings returned into the decorative pattern on her back. She exhaled and sat down heavily. “That was exhausting. I’m suddenly ravenous.” Sweat burst out on her upper lip and chills spread over every inch of skin. The sound of Simone’s voice became muted.
“Dylan?” Simone called aloud. “Shelby think of Dylan. He needs to send the willing one to you.”
“Dylan?” she murmured, and did as Simone said. Max? Her vision narrowed and she collapsed. Kyle! Her heart screamed.
Shelby, stay with us. Dylan’s voice reassured her mind. Max is on his way.
Her soul cried out for Kyle, but he did not answer. If he didn’t feel ready to do this, Kyle was right, they should wait until he was strong enough to control the demon beast.
She thought of Simone’s suggestion. Seduce him. Whether he fought the attraction or not, the inevitable pull of the jaguar bond would force Kyle to come looking for his cat’s mate before the full moon waned.
…and she would be waiting. 

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