Saturday, July 27, 2013

Do you like #True Blood? #Vampire Diaries? #Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Coming August 1st
If you like sexy paranormal stories like True Blood, Vampire Diaries, or Buffy, you're sure to enjoy Defeat The Darkness [Hearts of Darkness, Book One - Demons of the Bayou] by Eliza March. The Hearts of Darkness series has an ensemble cast of characters, danger, and adventure that will have you wanting more. Book one is due to be released as an e-book August 1st on AMAZON KDP and in trade paperback soon after. Book two, Damned by Darkness: Conquer the Highland Beast [Dylan's history] is scheduled for a November 1st release as an e-book. Book three, Embrace the Darkness: Feed the Heat [Dylan's story] should be out right after the first of the year, 2014. Go to Eliza's Amazon Author page to sign up for release notifications.

Available Now
The fourth book in Eliza March's erotic Enchanted Mountain series following The Moon, The Madness, and The Magic is WereCat Fever and will be published by Siren-Bookstrand this October...You can sign up there to be notified when Author, Eliza March has a new release. 

Back cover blurb for WereCat Fever

Weeks after their engagement, Bryan disappeared. Worse yet, the last time Lacey saw him he was covered in blood after a blackout. What should she think later when her father is found killed, a victim of an animal attack? 

Hunter searched for Bryan, his lost litter-mate, for years and rescues him when he’s severely wounded by Werecats. Hunter can help Bryan adjust to being a shifter, if he’ll let him. Unless the woman Bryan imprinted on accepts him, he’s doomed to being chained during every full moon.

After checking on Lacey, they discover Bryan infected her, and she’s showing signs of changing. 

Although she’s going to need help, she’s spitting mad, and when Hunter tries to help, his cat imprints on her, too. Bryan must convince Lacey he’s innocent of her father’s murder—Hunter must convince her he loves her in spite of the bond between them. Can she accept her shifter nature and devote her life to two men.

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