Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Who Do You Write For? Know Your Audience.

Researching marketing tools and advice brought me to this question and revelation. I don't know about other authors but the light bulb went on when I realized I write for readers like me. If that's true then who knows my audience - ME - better than I do? I sort of chuckled at the moment of enlightenment. I like a little mystery with my romance. I don't have much patience for sexual tension or heroines who are too stupid to live. I don't want closed doors between me and the sex scenes ... I'm a voyeur at heart. I like my heroes, big, good looking, alpha with a beta side, a sense of humor, and a healthy sex drive. My characters are loyal, quick witted, and occasionally funny. I enjoy not knowing all the details of my plots so I can be surprised at the end along with my readers when all the threads are tied up.

Some of my all time favorite authors [the ones I'm addicted to - panting after the next release] I'm listing here. I figure if I like them then I must take something away from years of reading. Here's what I think is the main element I admire of each.

Nora Roberts - voice (and prductivity - lol)
Christine Feehan - description and rhythm
Sherilynn Kenyon - plot and wounded heroes
Karen Marie Moning - character development and interaction
Alyssa Day - pacing and story
JR Ward - ensemble casts and dialogue
Laurell K Hamilton - world building
Lori Foster - sensual content (opening the bedroom door)

It's no wonder I'm frustrated. That's a heavy list to live up to. GRIN

My latest effort will be available at Amazon on August 1st.

Defeat the Darkness: Demons of the Bayou (Hearts of Darkness, book 1)

Possessed by evil, ruled by lust, driven by hunger. Can love defeat the ancient demon and turn the darkness into light? 

Max Hamilton and Shelby Mackenzie go way back to being in diapers together. Over the years, they’ve shared playgrounds and fishing, first dates and first sexual experiences. So it wasn’t a surprise when she followed Max to Tulane Medical School where they shared Kyle Lachlan—Max’s new friend and Shelby’s first real love. 
Before Kyle, something had always been missing in the romance department for Shelby. So when Kyle announces he’s joined Physicians International Charity and is heading out to save innocent lives after the mudslides in Guatemala, Shelby is devastated. Until, he gives her a family heirloom engagement ring. 
Kyle is determined to make up for his privileged Boston upbringing even if it means being separated from Shelby for a few months while she finishes her residency. But when he arrives in the makeshift medical camp, strange things begin to happen. Local legends inspired by the jungle jaguars tell of men who shift into the form of the large cats.  
While out searching for a missing boy, Kyle is attacked by a rogue jaguar. His life changes, instantly and so does he. His former beliefs and ideals manifest into the myths and legends of a bad "B" horror flick. 
Pursued by a demonic vampire, the exquisitely beautiful yet evil, Amyra de la Santiago plans to use him for her own selfish purpose. Kyle is determined to fight becoming the dark demon he senses within her.  
She will stop at nothing to fulfill her ambitions, and Kyle is the answer she’s been waiting over three thousand years for. Leverage is what she needs to convince him, and who better to use against him than the people he cares about most? 
Kyle will do anything to protect innocent lives like Max’s and keep the woman he loves safe even if it means sacrificing himself to the demon. What does it matter since his soul is already lost to the darkness?  
Shelby must learn to believe in Kyle, again, then trust him and finally, she must be willing to fight for him. Later, there will be time to deal with the secret need she developed from the transition he caused. The hunger for sexual satisfaction drives her the way a vampire is driven by the need for blood. Max is always a willing partner, but as relationships change, so do their needs.  
Will Kyle adjust and accept their new roles? After the danger is past, will Kyle be able to love a sex fae?  
Shelby holds out hope since she is the light to his darkness. Only she can defeat the demon darkness taking over both Kyle and Max.

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