Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Romance Author's Promise

Writing romance...
Anyone who jokes about romance writing should try it sometime. In order to write romance, what many aspiring authors don't realize is that they may need to have at least two over-arcing plot lines; each containing GMC (goal-motivation-conflict). One is the romance plot and the other is the story plot line. There are some romance books where the purpose is singularly to tell the romance story, but many popular romances usually have a secondary plot. In mystery it's self explanatory - who done it? In romantic comedy it's the author's ability to place the romance in  a humorous plot. In paranormal romance the characters may not be quite human. The one thing all romances have or guarantee to the reader is a "happily ever after" or at least a "happily for now" conclusion. The hero or heroine can not die (unless they can be reborn - GRIN) and their romantic conflict should be resolved by the end of the book.

We imagine the HEA because romance authors don't go past the happy couple getting together and believing their lives will be filled with ...fill in the blank for what would make them happy. We don't go beyond having the baby and having all the friends and relatives around to help celebrate the happy event. We don't enter the realm of fighting over who's getting up to change the diapers or the exhausted parents' swollen eyes from lack of sleep.

No! We stop before the trouble starts. We leave the rest up to womens' fiction writers.LOL

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