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WereCat Fever (MFM)
Enchanted Mountain 3

By: Eliza March | Other books by Eliza March Notify me of Eliza March's new releases
Word Count: 43,028
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

AVAILABLE: Thursday, October 10th
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, sex in partially shifted form, HEA]
Weeks after his engagement, Bryan Cauldwell disappeared. Worse yet, the last time Lacey Hampton saw him he was covered in blood after a blackout. What should she think later when her father is found killed, a victim of an animal attack? Hunter Harris searched for Bryan, his lost littermate, for years, finally rescuing him when he's severely wounded by Werecats. Hunter can help Bryan adjust to being a shifter if he'll let him. Unless the woman Bryan imprinted on accepts him, he's doomed to being chained during every full moon. After checking on Lacey, they discover Bryan infected her, and she's showing signs of changing. Although she's going to need help, she's spitting mad, and when Hunter tries to help, his cat imprints on her, too. Bryan must convince Lacey he's innocent of her father's murder, and Hunter must convince her he loves her in spite of the bond between them. Can she accept her shifter nature and devote her life to two men?
Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Enchanted Mountain
The Lion, The Leopard and The Wolf (MMF)
The Lion, The Leopard and The Wolf (MMF) -Enchanted Mountain 1
Eliza March
(Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.)
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WereCat Fever (MFM)
WereCat Fever (MFM) - Enchanted Mountain 3
Eliza March
(Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, sex in partially shifted form, HEA] Weeks after his engagement, Bryan Cauldwell disappeared. Worse yet, the last time Lacey Hampton saw him he was covered in blood after a blackout. What should she t MORE...


Lacey swore the world narrowed to a corridor linking the two of them when he stepped closer to take her hand in his. She involuntarily lifted it. Their fingertips touched, but no more.
“Dance with me, Lacey.” His voice was a little deeper than she remembered. It sounded thick with emotion and need. His eyes searched her face with guarded interest, looking for something she wouldn’t show him.
His simple plea asked too much.
The choice was hers. She didn’t react.
The blood running through her veins turned warmer than it had been in years. All this time she swore her heart pumped pure ice water after he left. Ice was hard, impenetrable. It would take more than Bryan showing up for a dance to melt her frozen heart.
Then he stepped closer. The scent he carried was the same. Bryan. Sweet, fresh air and woods. She inhaled to savor the moment, and then he whispered the silly rhyme he’d made up that first time.
“Won’t you dance with me, Lacey? Take a chance with me?” His hand slid into hers lightly.
He remembered.
Something inside her shifted. The ice around her heart cracked at his touch. The trickle she felt was the warm blood seeping from her shattered heart. Pain sliced through her. The same pain as when a limb falls asleep and wakes up. You know the pins and needles are coming and dread it, but it’s inevitable. There was no alternative. She had to experience the bleeding heart like a stab wound.
Damn him.
He was in her personal space and hurting her with memories, killing her with his words and his scent. She did the only thing she could think of to protect herself and to prevent him from following when she ran.
She attacked.

* * * *

Bryan tried to breathe without throwing up as he unrolled from the fetal position. He still had one hand cupped to his groin and the other to his jaw.
“Man. she’s really mad at you,” Thomas said, glancing back as Lacey disappeared through the front door.
“Hey bro, I’m sorry,” Hunter said, as he helped his brother up off the floor.
There was a glint of humor in his voice. Bryan didn’t think he sounded very sorry, at all. Though, he couldn’t speak to make that observation, so he scowled as his brother chuckled. His jaw was still locked from the roundhouse blow he’d taken from Lacey after she kneed him in the groin.
“How was I to know she’d go for your balls and then punch you in the face?”
Bryan gagged a couple of times on the way up off the floor, clutching Hunter on one side and Thomas on the other.
“Shit, she’s quick. I didn’t see that coming,” Bryan wheezed.
“Hey, sorry about your…” Thomas cleared his throat. “Uhm, your balls okay?”
Bryan groaned, standing hunched over. “Got ice?”
“You going to ice your balls here?” Thomas asked.
“No, you dumb fuck, it’s for my jaw.” Bryan cursed at his friend with his hands still on his knees. He tried to take a deep breath.
“Right. Here, let me help.”
Hunter helped him back to their table. “Your balls okay, bro?”
“I’m not sure.”
A few minutes later, Thomas handed him the ice-filled bar towel. With one hand holding the ice to his jaw, Bryan extended his hand to Thomas. “Sorry I snapped at you.”
“No problem. It’s good to see you, Bryan. You should probably go somewhere you can ice those balls, too.”
“Suddenly everyone’s interested in my balls. She shoves them halfway up my throat, and the two of you can’t stop askin’ after ’em.”
Thomas smiled. “I figured she’d be inclined to take better care with them.”
“Where is she?”
“She ran.”
Hunter put Bryan’s hat on his head and said, “By the way she flashed out of here, like someone set her on fire, I gather she’s not quite ready to deal with you.”
“Ready or not, she’s going to have to deal with me.”
“She’s been feeling poorly, lately.” Thomas put a restraining hand on Bryan’s arm, but dropped it when Bryan snarled. “Hey, just give her some time.”
“She’s had five years. Time’s up.”
Bryan left her because he wanted to save her from what he was. Walking away… No, running away without a word had almost killed him. Now he was back because he had infected her. She was running out of time, and time was something they didn’t have. Her change was imminent. After touching her, he was more certain than ever. Her body temperature was rising. The change was on her already.
“I don’t know how I’m going to get her to listen. If looks could kill, she would’ve done me in when I walked up to her. Hell, I only asked her to dance. What’s she going to do when I tell her she has to marry me?”
“Marry you?” Thomas laughed and gave Bryan a wry smile. “That may take some fast talkin’. Let me give you some advice. I’d suggest when the time comes, you ‘ask’ her—don’t think to ‘tell’ her anything.”
“She doesn’t know what’s good for her.”
“Well, I’d say she made her feelings pretty damn clear about what she doesn’t think is good for her.”
“Right. Anything to do with me.”
Hunter slapped Bryan on the shoulder while he and Thomas laughed it up at his expense.
“She is still Lacey, and she has a million reasons to be angry, Bryan. Your dad was an ass to her when you disappeared. If not that, then she certainly has cause about her father’s killing. I guess you showin’ up took her off guard. She’s hurtin’.”
“I’ll find out what happened to her father, I swear.”
“We better do some checking. Early tomorrow we’ll start with old man Cauldwell.” Hunter added, low enough so Thomas couldn’t hear, “Full moon’s coming soon, Bryan. There’s not much time left to convince her.”

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