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WereCat Fever Coming October 10th - Cover reveal!

If you liked THE LION, THE LEOPARD, AND THE WOLF or THE MOON, THE MADNESS, AND THE MAGIC, get ready for the next menage book from Eliza March in the Enchanted Mountain series coming October 10th from Siren-Bookstrand another Menage Amour erotic romance. WERECAT FEVER is a touching romance about two star crossed lovers who get a second chance, but this time they have to accept their new way of life.

Shifters, separated at birth, discover one another again, only to imprint on the same woman—Bryan must convince Lacey he’s innocent of her father’s murder and Hunter must convince her he loves her in spite of the bond between them. Can she accept becoming a shifter and devote herself to two men for life? Or will she suffer the pangs of madness every full moon?

“Bryan, you’re like an itch I’ve been needing to scratch for a long while. Fill me up and take me harder.”
Like a compressed spring, Lacey's body quivered with coiled tension, wound ever so tightly, ready to snap.
“Hang on. Oh, God. Lacey. I. Love. You.” Each word was punctuated with his thrusts—thrusts like nothing she’d ever experienced with him before. Pleasure welled up inside her, and she whimpered.
“I’m coming... Oh, God, Bryan.”
The erotic sound of skin slapping against skin brought back memories of them when they were young, desperate lovers. She relaxed, savoring the slippery slide of their sweaty bodies against one another. The intense pleasure heightened with the force of the untold power within him.
He pistoned faster, moving over her at a frantic pace until she felt his cock clench and release. Jets of warm creamy liquid shot inside her with his final thrusts, and she tried to angle her hips to take more of him.
“Be careful. Don’t move, yet,” he warned.
“I don’t want to hurt you.”
She stayed still as he cleared his voice. “Uh-hmm. I experienced other transformations. Some changes don’t always revert back when I do.”
He looked uncomfortable trying to explain. “My different. It changed when I did.”
“Mmm, it feels really big and hard. Sooo good.” Caressing his nipples to points, she suckled one between her lips. The way he reacted said he liked it as much as she did and his gratifying groan pleased her.
“Yeah well, there’s that,” he said, smiling. “But there’s a little something else. When I’m ready to come, my cock develops tiny barbs. The barbs act like stimulants to bring on your orgasm, and I can’t pull out until they recede.”
He lifted her chin and looked for a response. “Freaky?”
“Oh yeah, maybe a little freaky when you put it like that, but you do know I’m a biologist, don’t you? Reproduction is one of my specialties.”
“Sure—” Just then, Bryan moved inside her.
“Damn, you feel good filling me.” Lacey clenched her internal muscles and felt his erection swell inside her. God, he felt enormous.
“’re not freaked out?”
This was Bryan inside her. What he was and who he was, was everything she’d once loved. And he was hers. Always had been. They belonged together. She would never allow him to feel uncomfortable about what happened to him.
“Hey, you’re a lion.” She grinned and shook her head once. “The barbs and the stamina come with the territory. Thank goodness you don’t bite or come in eight seconds.” She stared at his teeth. “You don’t bite do you?”
“What—? No, not when I’m in human form. What’s the deal with coming in eight seconds?”
“Oh. Lions have intercourse repeatedly for hours, but coitus is quick. The male lion comes in about eight seconds and stays inside the female to insure his sperm fertilizes her. Then he comes again and again. Their foreplay involves biting, spitting, and a lot of growling and hissing. The act of sex between cats is combative. They both want it, but they fight all the way through it.”
“Hell, there are still some perks to being human. I plan on lasting a lot longer than eight seconds.” He kissed the side of her neck and nibbled. “How’s this feel?” he asked as he thrust inside her.
“Mmm, wonderful.”
He was still rock hard and thick, filling her and making her want more. There was also that damn itch she needed to have scratched. Again. Maybe they were more like their lions than she wanted to believe.
“I’m close to another orgasm, big guy. I think if you just twitch, you could send me to the stars again.”
She clenched her pelvic floor muscles, and he did better than twitch. He thrust until the world exploded around both of them. The aftermath left her feeling like a puddle of orgasmic jelly.
Lacey called out his name on a prayer, and they both murmured a binding oath. “Damn, Bryan. We did it again. Didn’t we?”
He chuckled and then brushed his lips over hers. “Hell, yes. Apparently we’re destined for each other.”
“If we hadn’t fulfilled the pledge before, we did just now.”
“Thank God. Lacey, I promise to bind you in love every time.” Bryan carried her back to the spring and deposited her into the soothing water.
“Hunter needs me, though. Doesn’t he?”
“Yes.” Bryan’s eyes narrowed, and Lacey heard the low rumble roll through his chest. “He doesn’t want your pity, though. He wants to please you, but he wants to know you desire him first.”
“I completely understand.” She almost laughed thinking she felt the same way. “I’m all itchy inside. Needy. Like there’s still something missing.”
“Do you think your cat imprinted on Hunter because we’re from the same litter?”
“There are documented incidents of male lions, siblings, sharing a pride. I guess imprinting on brothers wouldn’t be such a far-fetched notion.”
“As much as I’d like to wrap you up and keep you for myself, my lion won’t let me deny you anything you need. If it’s Hunter, I’ll go get him for you.”
“But, Bryan...” How could she refuse to help Hunter escape his lunar nightmares? Besides. She liked him. That was a start. She could see a day when they would truly love each other, be in love with each other and not just in lust. But not yet. “I don’t know if I’m ready for…that.”
“Well, why don’t you let me help you decide?” The sound of Hunter’s deep voice right beside her caught Lacey off guard.
He was naked and glorious. His thick erection bobbed against his abdomen, the barbs invisible in the dim light. Desire for him pooled like liquid heat between her thighs. This sudden attraction she was experiencing seemed too complicated to settle with a quick “no thank you” to him. Was she ready to let pride and her inhibitions stand in the way of their mutual satisfaction? Of her future and his?
“Try. See if he’s what you need to complete you.” Bryan’s jaw flexed. He inhaled slowly and briskly kissed her.
“It’s okay. I’ll be just outside if you need me.”
“But... Bryan, I love you.”
“I know. And it’s only because I love you that I can do this.”
Bryan turned and walked away, this time shimmering into his cat as he disappeared into the dark and Hunter climbed in to the bubbling water.
When he sat down beside her, he brushed a stray lock of hair from her forehead and tucked it behind her ear. Cupping her face in his hands, he looked deep into her eyes and begged, “Lacey, please. Let’s see if this is what you need—what we all need. You say stop and I’ll stop at any point. Okay?”

“O-okay.” Would allowing him to touch her and start something she knew could end badly be a mistake? “Hunter…I’ve never been with…anyone else.” 

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