Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Conquer the Highland Beast Cover Reveal vol.2 Hearts of Darkness by Eliza March

Coming the end of this month: the next story in the Hearts of Darkness collection. Dylan Macgregor was a vampire mentor of sorts in Defeat the Darkness. Discover what it is about his past that makes him so reluctant to kill. His story is coming with some special offers, too. Why don't you follow me on Facebook at Author, Eliza March and click here on the left to subscribe to this BLOG. All the most updated info is here. *GRIN*

Conquer the Highland Beast 
by Eliza March

Dylan Macgregor, orphaned son of a Berserker and a druid Halfling, finds retribution but no solace when he finds and destroys the uncle who killed his family and left him for dead, stealing his home and his destiny. But once again he is snatched from death on a battlefield by an immortal vampire with a plan. Thrice damned to darkness Dylan must now give up everything and the woman he loves to save her.light from his darkness. Has his Berserker rage doomed him to a life without light and with no hope of ever finding a life mate? And would he risk her if he found her?

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