Friday, December 20, 2013

Warning - Tough Read Ahead: Disclaimers On Books

The second book in the Hearts of Darkness series is due to release December 28th. Conquer the Highland Beast is the book that segues Dylan Macgregor's life between Defeat the Darkness and Damned By Darkness. He didn't play a huge role in the first book, but this is about his life now and his past as he relates it to Max Hamilton the newly turned vampire he believes might be his descendant. As Max interviews the older vampire, some of the questions not answered in the first book are answered in this one, and I've probably created more questions you may not see answered until the next book comes out in March 2014.

Authors can probably verify the feeling of euphoria that comes over them when they are on the final read through their manuscripts (which by the way is probably the 20th time they've read the thing) and can still say with some measure of excitement, "Wow! This is a great story."

I did that today.

After reading some of the reviews for the previous books, I feel as though I should add disclaimers to each of my books. Because if you've read my M/F contemporary romances, these are nothing like them. If you've read my contemporary menages, these are nothing like those either. The first and most important disclaimer for this series is that they are romantic, but not romances. They are erotic but not erotica. I have an ensemble cast of characters in these stories and my characters are complicated. The plots are multifaceted and may have twists, and possibly unexpected or unpleasant situations. Some scenes could make you uncomfortable--actually they should make you uncomfortable. While I'm entertaining you with my story telling, I hope my stories challenge you to imagine a different world. If you immerse yourselves in the fantasy, and connect with the characters, you'll come to find shades of gray. Not every antagonist is all bad, not every protagonist is all good. My characters are composites molded by their environment and experiences. My heroes have feet of clay, my heroines make mistakes. Relationships are static and dynamic--they change as the plot unravels. And as any INDIE author will tell you, the story is the story.

The reason I write is because the story needs to be told--or that's what my characters tell me anyway.
~~~ Eliza

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