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Damn the Darkness coming April 2015 . . . SPECIAL PRICING for the first two books

Hearts of Darkness, Series - Books 1-3

Defeat the Darkness, the first book, introduces you to the three main characters who all believed they lived in a world like you and me. After Kyle goes to Guatemala to volunteer after an earthquake, he discovers he's been going through life with blinders on. The real world is full of creatures walking among us--creatures with a deadly agenda for some. Once the first twist happens, the lives of Kyle and the others are impacted in unimaginable ways.
Befriended by some like themselves, their story goes on in the second and third books, but they play secondary roles to Dylan Macgregor, the vampire with a Highlander's past when he meets his own life mate in the second book, Conquer the Highland Beast. His story continues, and the original cast becomes even more relevant as supporting characters when Dylan's ward, Jackson Xenos, a vaewolf, imprints on Dylan's life-mate.

If you've read the first two books in this series, you don't have long to wait to find out what happens next. The third book, Damn the Darkness is coming in April. I like ending with a happily ever after...as any good romance reading fan would, but when I'm writing these stories, I can't guarantee things will stay that way.

One reason I self published this particular series is because it's more like an erotic urban fantasy than a traditional paranormal romance. The books don't fit into the box defined as true romance.
Today, romance publishers don't want the couples breaking up or being killed off...understandable. Me either. But I like my stories to flow. I want the sequels to move along at an honest pace. Conflicts are real and resolving them is fun. My poor characters keep running into obstacles while they search for the answers only Niccolai Xenos can provide. But until he rises, conflict abounds and the stories continue.
Unfortunately, things turn topsy-turvy for our friends, Dylan and Caitlin, as we enter this sequel. The issues are a struggle to maneuver through as they consider ways to solve their dilemma. It may not be completely resolved in this book . . . We'll see.   

Here's an EXCERPT from the opening of DAMN THE DARKNESS, Vol. #3 in the Hearts of Darkness series.

When Jackson arrived at the estate, music, along with laughter and chatter, carried outside through the open ballroom doors. There was a tantalizing scent in the air, and the party--crowded, noisy, and upbeat--sounded as if it was already in full swing. 

Good. He was happy for his guardian, happier still that everyone seemed to be accepting the whole situation with Caitlin, Dylan’s new mate.

“Yo, Jackson, toss the keys. I’ll park it for you.” The young wolf valet parking tonight was the younger brother of one of his pack mates.

“Hey, Josh." He patted the kid on his shoulder and pointed a finger at the car. "Take care, real good care of it, or Dylan will have my hide...then I'll have yours.” 

“Don’t you worry. This baby will be safe with me. I’ll park her far away from the rest.”

Jackson tossed the keys and added another warning, “Keep it on the grounds, okay?” He couldn’t help smiling at the kid’s enthusiasm. It wasn’t that long since he’d been the one drooling over Dylan’s cars—now he was driving them. “Not too far, understand?” Jackson cocked his hand at the kid like a gun. "I may need it sooner than you think."

“Sure." Josh sniffed, gave Jackson the once over, and with a nod, grinned. "What I understand from your scent...is the ladies will be all over you tonight, dude. You’ll be getting lucky before the first toast. Guaranteed. And probably more than once.” The kid laughed and rounded the car, jumped in, and gunned it.

Jackson chuckled and adjusted himself. The kid might be right. The ride out to the estate may have put a few creases in Jackson's pants, but they smoothed out quickly when his cock swelled behind his zipper. 

That foreign, tantalizing scent in the air hit Jackson’s senses like a jack hammer. Every muscle in his body hardened, as if he needed any more stimulus. He smoothed out a few more wrinkles in his black silk shirt, brushed off his tux, and buttoned his jacket as he approached the open double doors.

Fuck, what the hell is that fragrance? The scent was enthralling, amazingly sensual...totally intoxicating.

Then he saw her, the source of the scent. His reaction grew stronger as the woman approached. 

Stunning. Radiant. Her pale blonde hair, pulled back into a tight bun, looked classy, but the sexy loose curl at the base fell and teased him. All that class and one wild curl. The total effect was heart stopping. 

She smiled and Jackson glanced over his shoulder. When there was no one there, satisfaction spread through him like Scotch on a cold day. The smile on her pale pink lips was for him. And when she licked those lush, pillowed lips, blood rushed to his groin. He stopped breathing to focus, allowing his gaze to travel down her body--wandering over her cleavage, lower, past her flat stomach to her hips--and slowly back up,  Hell, she was lush all over. Then their eyes met.

Perfect. He sniffed again. Not Lycan, but her teeth showed a little fang. Different—definitely vampire and a great deal of something else—but what?

What? How about the sexiest woman he’d ever seen…the first his wolf had ever responded to, and she wasn’t of the blood.

She is for me. The wolf within him roared.


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Thank you ~~ Eliza

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