Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A dreamy state to imagine in . . .

Yes this inspires a variety of images, story one or two liners, I have to write down for later. Moments like this and visuals clutter my mind with characters speaking creative dialogue - now the plot line - find the conflict - resolve the issue and do it all over again. Poor characters, fighting the muse I bear, not ready to release them from my story, and not yet ready to give them their happily ever after.
But here in the pale light of dusk or dawn the story sorts itself out, revealing the solution to the questions that keep filling my mind while I write their lives, destroy their hopes, and build them back up again, Torture, balm, love, and angst - over and over until the reader shouts enough, but doesn't really mean it. It's never enough when the story is this good and all there is to do is stay in the story, live there, and hope the book goes on ...and on.