Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Personal Note ...

I ran across this picture today and realized my anniversary is approaching. Two years ago I took this picture in the room where I dressed following the mammogram that detected my breast cancer. I'd already had the first mammogram done and this was like a confirmation diagnostic to confirm the location. I remember thinking this was a unique way of creating a light box. I was curious to see how it had been made. Simple enough to do; it was a small florescent bulb behind colored plastic, attached at the corners with decorative screws, like drawer pulls. The effect was both soothing and beautiful.

Was this just a way of dealing with my stress--my fears? Maybe.

The stress of those weeks, from diagnosis to surgery, and treatment, while everyone is warning you how bad stress is for cancer patients, was monumental. The main source of my stress was primarily dealing with the insurance company. The medical community was remarkably supportive. I have to admit the rest was wonderfully simple. Dealing with a breast cancer center made things so much easier. Even my radiologist had just had to have a biopsy six weeks before I did and she could relate; constantly explaining every step along the way. I couldn't have asked for more supportive treatment. And the results are that I'm still here.

My next project is doing a small vertical hydroponic herb garden for my kitchen. Stay tuned. You'll find out how well I delegate duties to my spouse. LOL (Ooops! I think he reads these blogs. Oh, well, we'll find out.)

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