Monday, April 28, 2014

NEWS It looks like 2014 may be a shorter year than I thought.

I've had my grandchildren fix for a little while...might need a renewal by June or July, but I'll need that time to recuperate. Thank goodness for Face Time. It keeps us familiar with each other. My 14 month old grand daughter never missed a beat not seeing me since last September! We are old friends. I love my iPad.

Sunday, the last of our five children moved north. He took his dog but left the rest of his life in my garage. Apparently the winter you all had wasn't enough to deter him. The other children who moved north years ago are threatening to return to the sunny south. I'm taking there stuff out of the attic and giving it back. I expect the rotation to begin soon. After last winter, I'm also expecting friends I haven't seen in twenty years to come visit and I wouldn't blame them. I even thought about moving further south. I have the weather app on my iPhone tuned to San Juan. A pleasant breezy 70-80 degrees most of the time. 

The month of April has been a lost month for me. And frankly I don't remember February either. I took my cruise at the beginning of April. I understand why this month feels short. There's no excuse for February except --well, it is short.  I'm determined to write the lost months of 2014 off and I plan to move on in May. I am retired...I have to keep reminding myself. I'm in the habit of working 14 hour days so I fill my days with editing, writing,marketing, and corresponding. Then force impossible deadlines on myself. Now admit it...Who else out there does the same thing?

I am going to postpone the release of my third book in the Hearts of Darkness series...DAMN THE DARKNESS  is coming along fine but I have a few special additions I thought up while I was on vacation. It'll be worth waiting for, I promise! I'm working on a new cover too.

In the mean time, it'll give all of you time to catch up on the series. If you already read those two books, I have a few others in the erotic romance category you might want to give a try. Siren Bookstrand distributes most of them. Hot Highland Fling and More Than A Stud are both independently published through Amazon and Smashwords so they are available in all formats.

I have a few treats for those of you who read this whole diatribe of nothing. I can't just leave you with my mugshot. So here are a few inspirational photos. Working out does the body good.

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