Saturday, June 7, 2014

Can't Wait? Witch of Air and Fire Pre Sale link

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Cian stopped before he touched her, and shuddered, visibly shaken by his powerful need for her. He knew touching her now would be a mistake. He wouldn’t be able to control himself and the Droughan, too.

He paused to gather his senses, casting up shields. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to stop the daemon in him from taking her right now, the way it demanded. The beast could kill her, and that would mean the end of everything. He could feel the Droughan’s insistence—feel the rampaging lust growing within him.

The daemon took pleasure in projecting. The monster threw images into his mind as Cian struggled to block them from Candace. The images made him wince with horror as they overwhelmed him. Images of the Droughan ravishing her virgin body, ripping into her with his gigantic hideous cock, pumping relentlessly into every one of her orifices, filled Cian’s mind. As he imagined hearing her scream out in pain, begging for his mercy, the daemon howled with laughter, enjoying the victory over him.

The beast’s breathless lust and enormous erection shamed Cian. The Droughan induced arousal with his visions of violence, bondage, and mutilation—those actions he planned for his conquest—had Cian aching with need.

He would have nothing to do with conquering Candace. He’d protect her with his life.

The Droughan fought back. He showed Cian how he would kill Candace after fucking her. Long fangs protruded from his mouth—Cian’s mouth. He slashed her throat open and drank her blood until he drained her. Then to add to his horror, the daemon continued the images. Cian saw himself tear into her pale, fragile skin until he’d shred her to pieces. The daemon had held him captive within his own body, and forced him to kill the other half of his soul.

Cian shook off the fear, swearing he would fight the daemon within him with his last dying breath if necessary.

So this first time, this once at least, he would show Candace patience. He’d make her wait a little longer, and she would have tenderness for her first time.

He put his robe back on and watched the disappointment reach her eyes before her sanity returned. She blushed from her gorgeous blonde roots to her tiny toes. He dropped his eyes from hers. Cotton candy painted toenails matched her erect dusky nipples and the little pink clit poking through her wet swollen lips. He wanted to taste them, taste her—all of her.

Instead, he shivered with desire as he gently touched her robe, drawing the edges together, covering her nakedness. “Come with me. I’ll show you everything.”

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