Friday, June 6, 2014

Contract is up ... Reversal of Rights ... Why I Self Published

I pushed PUBLISH.  Reversal of Rights

I revised this previously published book and self published it with all the re-edits and new ending. When this book was contracted by my previous publisher, they wanted me to change the ending to conform to sales trends ... so I did. I think it's bothered me ever since. Kind of ruined the book for me all this time. So when my five year contract was up, I was determined to correct the injustice done to the story. I also toned down the language (not the actions) although you may wonder how rough it was before if you read it now, because it's still very gritty.

The BUY LINKS will be up this weekend, and I'll be posting them here for you and adding this book to the Book Page if you want to check back later. You know you can find me on Amazon KINDLE, NOOK, and most of the standard eBook distributions sites. 

M/M/F menage novella 22,000+ words
"Imagine a soul-mate reaching deep into your dreams, someone who waited centuries for you. That's Cian, the ultimate lover and consummate hero on so many levels. Candace, the spunky virgin witch with the powers to fulfill an ancient prophecy, was nothing the wizards expected and everything Cian and Regan needed. Would two alpha males share sex to keep the woman they need safe and the world from destruction? I raise questions and the characters answer them." ~ Eliza ~

~~ Fate has a way of playing silly games with immortals~~

Cian is the only being capable of initiating the unfolding of the events foretold in the Prophecy. However,as the Chosen, he must claim his soul mate first.

After waiting centuries for his partner to be reborn, she should be his equal—as powerful as he—physically capable of handling the daemon possessing him, capable of freeing him from the immortal Droughan. However, the Fates gave him Candace, a young, inexperienced witch who looks more like an ethereal fairy than a first-level witch entrusted with an ancient power...and she's a virgin.

Initiating any woman, let alone a virgin, in the Trinity ceremony wouldn't be easy while the daemon possesses Cian, but the Sea wizard calls on his friend Regan, the Earth wizard to protect his soul mate.

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