Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sexy Saturday Inspiration...

Sexy Saturday inspiration for my writer friends, or anyone for that matter. He inspires me to work out--not more but some, and eat less fat. He's also on the cover of my re-release of Witch of Air and Fire.

What ever you're doing today. Enjoy.

Here's a very sexy excerpt from THE LION, THE LEOPARD, AND THE WOLF copyright 2014 all rights reserved Eliza March

ADULT Excerpt:
“I can smell it on you.” Trent whispered as they stepped into the hall. “Your arousal is affecting us both. If I slide my hand just a half an inch closer, would I feel how wet you are for us?”
His audacity would have been insulting if he hadn’t been so damn right. Kenzie’s drenched pussy throbbed with need. She didn’t look at him and didn’t answer. If Trent shifted his hand, he’d find out just how much she wanted them—both of them
Before today, she’d never been sexually attracted to two men at the same time. Although she’d imagined...being with two men, these two didn’t seem like the sharing type. A ménage a trios was a fantasy she’d like to try someday, and now she couldn’t stop herself from wishing her first menage could be with the two competitive military buddies.  
Competitive. Neither of them sounded keen about sharing anything—certainly not a woman. And she didn’t want to be the cause of any problems between them. Kenzie stopped worrying. They’d all keep it light. She’d find her entertainment elsewhere. Maybe the doctor...
Trent frowned. Maybe she’d projected her thoughts too clearly by the expression on her face.
When they got to her room, he put her down on the bed, and to her surprise, he came down with her. If anything turned her on, it was the feel of a male body on top of hers. All hard muscle and great smelling man pressed her into the mattress. He nuzzled her neck and moved quickly to her lips before she could gasp out an objection. He kissed her, hard and demanding like the man himself.
His weight felt satisfying sprawled on top of her. His tongue tasted delicious in her mouth while his hands distracted her with his exploration of her body. She loved the roughness of his beard against her neck, his hands under her sweater...
She twisted her mouth free. “Ah, wait...” She couldn’t believe she stopped him. Her brain fought with her body for control, and the battle wasn’t easily won as she tried to sit up.
He rolled off her and groaned, still leaving his hand under the sweater, hoping she’d change her mind. His hand crept higher to positively influence her to his cause. Instead, she put her hand over his, halting its upward movement.
He looked up at her face and licked his upper lip as if still tasting her on his tongue. She squeezed his fingers and smiled. He groaned again and got up. “I’ll be right back with your stuff.”
A warning knock sounded on the door before Adam opened it up on them. “I didn’t trust him with you alone. Trent can be a wolf. I brought up your things.”
“Is that right?” Kenzie asked before she looked to Trent who glared at Adam.
“He’s right about that. I can be a wolf at times.” The man smiled a deadly sexy grin. “And you are definitely one of those times.” He shrugged and strode out, leaving Adam alone with her.

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