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Turned the Halloween Book in. Back to the FUN #amwriting #eroticromance

I'm back to finishing up Dylan and Caitlin's story now that Jackson has complicated things. Well, we can't blame poor Jackson if his wolf imprinted on his best friend's new soul mate.

This series is no longer a story. It's a saga. A world. Lifetimes. Relationships. Pasts and Futures.

I had a straight plot line laid out but stuff happens and then it's like maneuvering through life's mine fields -- you just have to find the solutions to the conflicts. Then I have to write the story. I don't know why I do this to myself. It's not bad enough I have to deal with my own fiction I just move from one character's conflicts to the next.

And that's just the internal conflict. What about the demons invading the peaceful Parrish outside New Orleans where the werewolves and vampires have come to a truce with the witches and a few other supernatural beings? And there's the local police force and the FBI presence sticking their noses into paranormal business.

Inevitably, there's still more story to write...see you later. For now I'll leave you with a short excerpt from each of the other books in the series: AVAILABLE NOW

Defeat the Darkness

Adult excerpt: F/M forced seduction
The very thought of drinking Amyra’s blood turned his stomach, but to his disgust, his mouth salivated. He was afraid in his weakened state there was no way he would survive if she took more of his blood without replenishing it. No food, no water, drained of blood—every cell in his body screamed for nourishment, and the jaguar roared for sexual satisfaction.
The male guard returned shortly to deliver him to Amyra. This time as he entered, Kyle could barely walk on his own as he stumbled across the threshold. The guard held him upright, and then Kyle sniffed. The most delicious scent filled his senses. His stomach growled.
He was surprised at how Amyra held herself back. When she approached him, her fangs extended but she didn’t give the order to have him tied to the bed as she usually did. Amyra tilted her head at the exit, silently ordering the guards out. Once they closed the enormous wooden door behind them, she bit her full lower lip and approached him from the large bed with the enormous carved headboard. Upon looking closer, the carvings were of a sadistic sexual nature.
“Kyle?” Amyra drew his attention back to her—only her. He stared at the deep crimson drop, hunger radiating through him. The dark droplet slid over her plump lip and contrasted against her pallid skin. His gaze traced the path of the rich blood as it slowly dribbled down to her chin.
The scent drew him closer. The delicious smell was her blood. Sniffing the air and moving ever nearer, he ran his tongue across his lips. All his vision narrowed to that spot when another drop oozed to the surface of the tiny wound and spilled over. This time he was close enough to catch it with his tongue. He closed his eyes and savored the flavor. As she bent in and kissed him, every cell in his body begged for more.
Kyle wouldn’t, couldn’t refuse this time. He’d bargained with the devil and lost. Even a tiny taste made him feel stronger. What would more do?
Her fang pierced his tongue and she gently sucked, mingling their blood in his mouth. Without backing up, he allowed her to rub her glorious body against his. She stroked his tongue with hers and more blood flooded his mouth. The ravenous need within him was being satisfied and he didn’t want it to end. Suddenly, the touch of her nipples brushing back and forth across his chest felt tempting, good, and right.
He swept his tongue over the spot on her sweet lower lip that still bled, relishing the flavor. The delicious taste of her blood in his mouth surprised him. It wasn’t distasteful, not at all what he expected. In fact, it had a rather sweet essence, and something made him want more—need more—demand more.
When she sank her teeth into his muscle, feeding lightly from him, he cupped her head and her hips. The sensual pull of her lips at his chest made him hunger for something, anything, everything. He tossed his head back, his eyes rolled, then closed, and he groaned in pleasure as he licked the blood still on his lips.
Copyright all rights reserved Eliza March

Conquer the Highland Beast

Adult excerpt M/M/F
Dylan was no stranger to male advances. Despite his threatening attitude, his blond youthful appearance often drew unwelcome attention from many battle weary men with no female outlet. The warning signals made Dylan respond as he always did when the past threatened to invade the present. He let the rage rise.

He’d denounced men with rebuffs so vile, they dared not approach again. As desirable as those men believed he was, they had backed down quickly once seeing their death in his eyes. More than the idea of the act, he resented how quickly his childhood fear manifested. He’d been weak and helpless, a child, not the man he was now, and yet the man hated the fear and anguish a mere comment or careless proposition from a drunken soldier could awaken in him. Reflexively, he reached for the cold hard metal at his hip.

Tonight, the anger he usually used to control his past emotions was hard to gather. This encounter filled him with uncertainty and conflict.

No male had ever elicited a sexual reaction from him, but he couldn’t deny he was hard and aroused. Was this attraction that had his balls tightening and his cock throbbing for the man or the woman…or was it something deeper? The arousal was on some other primal level. It made him question his response, and the not knowing made him even more disgusted with himself.

Every part of his being was physically responding to this male as well as the female, but his reaction seemed to be different from pure sexual need. For a moment he was unsure the emotions were even his own. Perhaps the curious link between them somehow allowed Dylan to sense the other’s emotions.

Niccolai’s thoughts were inside his mind wandering through his deepest fears, his worst regrets, and his basest desires.

“Calm yourself.”

He tried to stop the emotional turmoil, violently fighting the invasion until an overwhelming sense of calm soothed him.

Amyra motioned Dylan closer to her side. He couldn’t resist, and when he glanced at Niccolai, he didn’t want to resist. Sating his carnal lust was what he needed tonight. His cock was iron hard and demanding attention. He wanted a hard fuck with a passion he’d never felt before. Maybe he thought to prove something to himself or to the male at Amyra’s side, but he was going to give her the fucking of her life.

Subconsciously compelled to confirm his manhood, proving he wasn’t some boy to be trifled with, Dylan ran his hands down the woman’s arms, tightening his hands about her wrists. He pulled them behind her back grasping them in one hand and gripped her hip with his other. Drawing her into his hard need, he ground his cock against her belly and ravaged her mouth, her neck, and her breasts with his lips. His prowess brought about her breathless moans, attesting to his virility while her companion looked on.

I’m not a weakling child to be buggered against his will, to watch as his family... 
No. He couldn’t go there. He’d show them.

Amyra’s response was heated and immediate. She drew Dylan into her arms, and he allowed it, as she surrounded him with that scent. She pulled back, stared at him with her dark knowing eyes, and then brushed her lips over his mouth one more time as if sealing a deal.

More of that scent, stronger more pungent, enveloped him. The woman’s cool tongue danced against his, their bodies molded together. Her body was lush, a perfect haven for an aroused man. Close up, she was even more beautiful and alluring than she’d been when he studied her come-hither look from across the room.

Fuck her. Here. Now. His body urged him on. He slipped one hand between them and lifted her skirt. She was wet for him. Ready. He was prepared to take her right there in front of everyone if she’d let him. He was painfully harder than he had ever been—aching, needing to let go. If they didn’t move into the shadows soon he wouldn’t last.

“No need for haste. We have luxurious rooms upstairs.” Niccolai’s voice soothed Dylan’s desperation as Amyra arms wrapped around him and her cool lips brushed over his. No one except Evie had ever held him. He’d never allowed it. So why did it feel so right?

Other arms, more powerful arms, embraced him from behind. Male. A different feeling, warmth, emotional attachment, brotherly concern.

Her companion. A different scent, yet similar. Dylan didn’t breathe. Lost in the moment, the erotic sensations, and the scent, he suddenly didn’t care. The other body moved against his, compressing him between them. There was no mistaking the inimitable outline of a rigid length pressed against his hip. What should have felt threatening to him, or at the very least should have worried him or turned his stomach, didn’t. There was no fear in this physical contact, just contentment. What purpose would questioning their motives serve? Instead, he savored the peace he found in their arms and the lust their presence sent to his groin. Two such different bodies, one so soft, the other so hard, and the ever-present alluring fragrance hypnotized him.
Another set of cool lips grazed the hot flesh of his neck. The cool breath against his skin was followed by a sharp twinge of pain and searing heat. His cock swelled, his balls rose tightly against his body, and the familiar tingling tension shot up his spine readying for that explosive moment of release, that instant of pleasure.

Copyright all rights reserved Eliza March

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