Monday, June 9, 2014

WITCH OF AIR AND FIRE - Great Price on Trade Paperback

This is a 22,000 word novella rated Adult Only

The Trade Paperback is available for $4.99 today at

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Background Mythology

 At one time, the Sidhe, the Fae people of the Tuatha Da Danann, controlled the elements, and all the worlds were one until black magic blocked the portals and trapped the light Sidhe in the Otherworld, keeping their sworn guardians from the elements.
These guardians, called Keepers, were to protect the power of the elements from evil, but were unable to leave the Otherworld. The gods granted the Sidhe one night to pass through the Veil and gather the elements. Dividing them for safe keeping, they hid part of the powers within each Keeper then scattered them to the far edges of the Earth.
Most Keepers were immortal, but the Fates’ twisted logic occasionally bestowed the Sidhe with a gifted mortal Keeper whose soul reincarnated. To fulfill the prophecy, protecting the world and the elements from the dark magic, the Chosen Keeper would have to claim the powers for himself and return the elements to the light Sidhe in the Otherworld.

For eons, the evil ones controlled the daemons and the portals to the Underworld. With that ability, using powerful black magic millennia ago, the dark Sidhe stole into the Chosen’s heart and possessed him. Now the Droughan, the ultimate daemon, shares the Chosen’s mind and body, but in order for the final prophecy to be fulfilled, the Chosen will have to gain control of his daemon, gather the elements of power, and return them to the Stone.


He growled a low deep sound. The Droughan within struggled to get out.
“Too bad, daemon, she’s mine,” he snarled, fighting back the monster. “I am the master of the Sea and tonight, I will claim you as mine.”
She would be his—his chosen mate. Theirs was a fated Bond, one for all eternity, if she would agree to take him willingly. He intended to convince her to accept him, all of him in every way, just as he’d planned while he’d waited all these centuries. He would keep the beast within him at bay—he had to. He only had tonight to bind her to him.
Tomorrow the Veil between the Otherworld and the mortal world would open. Regan, the earth wizard, would come. Cian needed his friend to keep her alive, but already he was thinking of ways to keep her for himself. The Veil would remain open for one night only. On Samhain. This eve, he’d have her to himself, but tomorrow…he’d to share her with another for the sake of all the worlds.
The growl of denial choked him. Never again, not after tomorrow night.
With his eyes locked on hers, he sent his thoughts deep into her mind. Mentally his mouth ravished hers, nipping her full bottom lip, and he tasted the salt from the air on her skin as his tongue followed her jaw line to the soft sensitive skin below her ear. He traced a path to her breasts and suckled her nipples through the thin material.
She gasped. Her body shuddered with her orgasm and he smiled. She’d climaxed for him so easily. He couldn’t wait to actually touch her in this life.
Could he take solace in having only this one night while she belonged to him alone? Tomorrow he had to start building her resistance, her strength. For that, he’d need help from the earth wizard. Damn the Fates! He’d need Candace, Regan, and the Trinity ceremony to fulfill the prophecy.
After waiting all these years for her birth, he couldn’t lose Candace to the Droughan, or risk her safety in anyway.

Tomorrow, yes tomorrow, Regan would come through the Veil to help. Tomorrow, Cian was sure. Well, maybe he wasn’t so certain, but he prayed Regan would agree to the ceremony. If he didn’t, the mortal world would come to a quick end when the daemons gathered control over the elements and took back possession of the Veil.

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