Thursday, July 10, 2014

Independent Writing and Pricing - My Summer Booksale #indie #publishing

Novellas on the left (I hope when this publishes my layout stays intact or this will mean nothing to you ...  fingers crossed) are all now listed at $0.99, and full length novels, to the right, are sale priced at $2.99. All sited should have the special pricing up by Saturday, but sale prices will be good through September 9th.

Barnes and Noble/NOOK

One of the best things about self-publishing is that it enables me to price my books at a reasonable rate and put them on sale to introduce my stories and various styles to readers. For the rest of the month, these books will be value priced at all the outlets, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Smashwords, Apple iBooks and more.

While you're reading my back list, I'll be very busy.

Around the time the kids return to school, one of my best selling paranormal books will be ready to bring you, republished from my back list at a special offer. [I'm not at liberty to divulge which book...yet]

Independence has it's good points, but there's something to be said for having the support of a good publisher, too. The staff takes so much of the workload and pressure from the author -- so much of the burden of editing and cover art and promoting, one doesn't consider.

Someone recently accused self-published authors of being control freaks. (a truth in my case)he made a valid point. Although I enjoy being a hybrid author, doing some books with publishers (when I'm too buried under my workload) and some on my own (when I can't give up the plot control), I believe there is a time and a book that fits into all the categories.

There are times and books that have special needs. I'm just beginning to see that. So I'm planning to produce all future books with the story's need in mind. I will continue to publish my very erotic romances with publishers who handle that genre. I'll be considering traditional publishing for my Gemini Prophecy Books -- a large series work in progress since 2007. And I'll be continuing to write novellas both independently and for my other publishers.

When you finish reading a book, I urge to please leave an honest (but kind) review -- not just for me but for any author. Don't be intimidated by other long detailed reviews, A nice "This book, ABC by XYZ, was an enjoyable way to spend my weekend" or "This book, XYZ by ABC, is great beach read if you like hot sexy romance" ... will do. If you hate it, it's easy enough to find a way of saying ... I can't recommend this book because it: 1. wasn't what I was expecting or 2. didn't meet my expectations ... but my expectations are high or specific or you get the point. I personally prefer not to give a rating below a three. Why bother?  No reviews have the same effect according to what the algorithms indicate. That's just me. So if it is an enjoyable read say so. Help a reader find a good book.

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