Sunday, August 31, 2014

Musings of a writer to her readers...

After fifteen years of working on my craft and focusing on erotic romance, I realize now what I've always wanted to write is more plot detail. My readers seem to want it too and not all necessarily in the sex scenes. I spent time on the erotic detail (because I wrote for an erotic publishing house - duh) when the real detail kept trying to creep into the story, tempting the readers, perhaps even frustrating them because once they got a taste, they wanted more. 

If you read my recent blog about writing, you can see I finally figured out why the DNA kept showing up as a theme in my books. I probably should have spent more time with the explanations, but at the time I was focused on the sex. Because...that's what I was supposed to be writing.

(Hey, you can probably understand my distraction. But  it's been awhile and I'm older and wiser.) My purpose is clearer than it was, and the most important books I ever wanted to write are still outlined in rough draft because I knew I wasn't prepared to write them, yet. Therefore, more prepared now, the first book in the series of my heart (The Gemini Prophecy will be dedicated to my mother who inspired me) will be coming in the next year or so - about April 2016.

The first book I actually wrote was published under a different pseudonym and when I get my rights back to that one, I will be releasing it with the second and third books in that series under the Eliza March name. I know many fans are still waiting for the next book, and I promise those stories will be told. Early 2016 too.

So now...I'll give away a free ebook version of my first book, if you send me your email address and can name the title and the pseudonym I used.

Have a great weekend.



  1. As writers, over time our interests often change or become more focused and our craft improves. We want to try new things. I think it's exciting that you are at a new stage in your career and want to focus on something different. Congrats and best of luck with your books coming out in 2016!

  2. Thank you, Reese. It is good to finally recognize what I was doing. If I do it intentionally maybe I can bring it to a higher level.. GRIN