Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WIP sometimes at a snail's pace...

Here's a sneak peak at a short scene from the next Hearts of Darkness Book: DAMN THE DARKNESS 

Right now, I'm struggling for time to fit the edits in. I'm working on a planning calendar that will free up the time I need to get back to my story. I have several more in the works, but oh where oh where is the time? Self publishing means so much of the responsibility falls to you. 

I hope you enjoy this excerpt  from my upcoming book. I still don't have a firm release date, but I swear it will be this year! Sign up for my blog feed so you don't miss the date or any special pricing I'll be offering.

“I know. I know you blame yourself for my death, Dylan. But who could have known? Believe me,” she said, shaking her head from side to side, “I don’t blame you.” She tapped her finger against her head. “If anyone’s at fault, I blame myself for being careless. I’m trained FBI, a Special Agent with psychic abilities. I knew better than to drop my blocks--open up. I should have seen it coming.” She lifted her face to his, cupped his strong jaw in her hands, and stared deeply into his eyes. “I want to be your partner, your equal in every way, not a burden you have to look out for—”
 “No, Caitlin." He stopped her. "Be very clear on this point. You are not a burden.” Dylan’s rigid jaw could have been made of solid granite as he spit out each word separately. “And…we will not be equals in every way. That won’t be possible.” The tension in his jaw loosened, but his words, although firm, sounded rough with emotion as he drew her into his tight embrace. “Love, each of us will bring something of value to this union. Who we are and what we are will find a balance, and our abilities will complement one another’s. Each of us will be the strength to the other’s weakness. You are my life mate, a gift beyond measure. Never, no matter what happens, never think of yourself as a burden.”
She nodded understanding for the first time what true love meant. Her chest tightened, and she whispered because tears clogged her throat. “I love you, Dylan.” 
“Good. I love you, too. Let’s go home and I’ll show you how much, and then you can show me.” With a wink, he took her arm and helped her to the car. “We’ll take the rental back tomorrow.”

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