Monday, August 18, 2014

Writing in Your Sleep #writing

I shouldn't wait until the afternoon to write my blog because sometimes by then I've forgotten all the awesome ideas I had in the morning. Who else is brilliant in the morning?

I drag myself out of bed and try to organize my thoughts, the ones that kept waking me up because they were such awesome ides, and then as I finish making the coffee and begin drinking it, the ideas don't seem so unique in the clear light of day. Hmmm. Did I lose something in the translation from dreamland to the kitchen?

Possibly. But more realistically, I probably dreamed the ideas were better than they were. Do you keep a notepad next to your bed for times when they really are good? You could try recording into your smart phone, too. (My husband would probably hate that--lol)
He'd wake up and ask me who I was talking to, and I'd have to try that whole "Jake from State Farm..." thing.

My best edits usually come from my dreams, the ones just on the edge of consciousness, that time when my creative mind picks out the missing pieces and wakes me.  These moments are helpful also when I can't find something. My subconscious knows where the object is, but even after searching for days on end, I can't find the object until  my mind is at rest. Then it says, "The moonstone you're looking for is in your underwear drawer." (I know...Don't ask.)

Commercial Break: But the moonstone is an object in my next book, Damn the Darkness (due out next month) part of the Hearts of Darkness series available from all vendors, but Conquer the Highland Beast and Defeat the Darkness are at SMASHWORDS now, and they're on sale there for $0.99.

Back to our regularly scheduled blog topic: So my suggestion for writing in your sleep is take it seriously. Read something (preferably good). Watch something (hopefully inspiring). Think about something (creative) before you go to bed and then relax so your mind can search your thoughts and bring your random ideas together. Don't force it. Don't push it. I'm thinking of trying a little deep meditation. If I can keep finding missing objects in my sleep, I should be able to find missing conflicts in my plots. LOL

Let me know how you use this unscientific method. I could Google it but then the mystery would be gone.


  1. sometimes a quick note in my phone works (I have an understanding husband.)
    Lately the inspiration has been hitting at 1am, 2am, 3am...
    Sleep is a valuable commodity for writers.

    1. My husband said I could use the phone. He'd ignore me. LOL