Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dangerous Hauntings by Jo Barrett - Hauntings in the Garden #Rafflecopter

Dangerous Hauntings

Sequel to Jo Barrett's Chaste Kiss...
Debi Cummings and Mick Wise have been at odds since the day they met. The attraction between them is unrelenting, but neither is willing to give in, until Debi's past comes back to haunt her--literally.
(104 pages) Spicy
A sudden chill stole up her spine leaving a prickly feeling across the back of her neck. She glanced over her shoulder into the dark shadows of the garden. Were those eyes?
She fell perfectly still and waited, her breath growing shorter and quicker with each passing second. Then the eyes moved. In two different directions.
She took a long, deep breath, tilting her chin toward the sky. "Fireflies. Great. Now I'm afraid of bugs." All that talk about her past had her skittish. Not to mention it was almost the anniversary of when it happened.
She shivered convulsively. Shaking her head to dispel the horrifying memory, she resumed her hurried pace to her car. As she took the last step off the path, she heard the deep rumble of Mick's laughter. Her heart sputtered in her chest then slipped forlornly back into its normal rhythm.
He wasn't for her. No man was.

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  1. Ooh, great excerpt! :)
    I will have to check this one out! Thank you for sharing.

    1. I'll let Jo Barrett know you liked it and hope you enjoy her books.


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