Wednesday, October 1, 2014

TV series or movie? Conquer the Highland Beast by Eliza March

"The Imagine Film List" a definition: 
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"IF List — The Imagine Film List — is your official platform for movie and casting ideas. Whether you are a fan, author, aspiring actor, or industry professional, IF List lets you discover potential films and TV shows, make proposals, and gain popular support for the ideas you want to become reality."

Endorse Highland Beast or the Hearts of Darkness series for a TV or movie series. Just for chuckles and giggles, I thought I'd try this. If you want to help, I need you to add characters and the project will need gobs of endorsements. If anyone is interested in helping out by sharing, let me know or go directly to the sight and enter your ideas. I'm open to suggestions for actors to play the various parts. Here's an opportunity for you to make your wish list of characters and your dream team of actors to play the roles. Click on the link above and give it a thumbs up to endorse Highland Beast, my TV series concept. Imagine with me...

This could be great fun. Who's on board? I'll meet you over at IF The Imagine Film List,

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