Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What genre do you read? Is it seasonal? #reading #Halloween

Seasonal Word of the Day: Chthonian [of or pertaining to the deities, spirits, and other being dwelling under the earth.]

That's a mouthful of consonants for starters.

But at this time of year, I think there's nothing more fun to read than a frightening paranormal. Defeat the Darkness serves that need for many of my readers. The evil antagonist is someone you'll love to despise.

Possessed by evil, ruled by lust, driven by hunger. Can love defeat the ancient demon and turn darkness into light?

While interning at Tulane, Max's new friend Kyle falls in love with his oldest friend, Shelby. When Kyle travels to the jungles of Guatemala to aid the earthquake victims and is bitten by a rogue jaguar, all their lives turn into the stuff of a bad "B" movie. Back in New Orleans, they're determined to fight the dark demon growing within Max and Kyle. But will the price be too high? Only Shelby can defeat their darkness.

Defeat the Darkness: Demons of the Bayou [Hearts of Darkness, Book 1]


New Excerpt:

Kyle’s stomach twisted and his tongue felt thick inside his dry mouth. Over the past three days, Amyra had slowly depleted his blood yet kept him alive, drained and chained, claiming the time of his transmutation drew ever closer.
Tonight. He would be forever changed. A monster like her.
From the actions of the guards, he suspected she planned to finish the job. He hadn’t been able to handle solid food, even though his stomach felt like a hollow gourd. He’d eaten nothing all day, and he hadn’t been offered anything to drink by the guards. When he asked for water, they shook their heads, giving no reason.
Later, one of the female guards whispered some advice. “You will fare better without anything in your stomach. Take as much blood at first as you can manage to build up your strength, because the dark one will withhold it from you later.”
Perhaps they were correct. In any case, he’d find out soon enough. The largest male shifter, the one who never completely resumed his human form, growled when he entered the room. Tonight his facial features were those of the jaguar. He glanced at Kyle, then at his clothes on the bed. “Prepare yourself. Dusk approaches,” he said and turned away.Kyle sensed the guard was jealous, resentful he wasn’t the one who could fulfill Amyra’s needs. Kyle would have been cheering the guy on if it meant being out of her grasp. His final wishes for the shifter and the twisted demon woman would have been good luck and good riddance.
With shaking hands, he managed to dress in the loose black silk pants the female guard had laid out, understanding he would be taken to Amyra soon. He ignored the shirt, too lightheaded to bother with anything more. There was no point going to all the trouble, since if all went as usual, she’d want to feed immediately and have him stripped for easy access.
The very thought of drinking Amyra’s blood turned his stomach, but to his disgust, his mouth salivated. He was afraid in his weakened state there was no way he would survive if she took more of his blood without replenishing it. No food, no water, drained of blood—every cell in his body screamed for nourishment, and the jaguar roared for sexual satisfaction.
The male guard returned shortly to deliver him to Amyra. This time as he entered, Kyle could barely walk on his own as he stumbled across the threshold. The guard held him upright, and then Kyle sniffed. The most delicious scent filled his senses. His stomach growled.
He was surprised at how Amyra held herself back. When she approached him, her fangs extended but she didn’t give the order to have him tied to the bed as she usually did. Amyra tilted her head at the exit, silently ordering the guards out. Once they closed the enormous wooden door behind them, she bit her full lower lip and approached him from the large bed with the enormous carved headboard. Upon looking closer, the carvings were of a sadistic sexual nature.
“Kyle?” Amyra drew his attention back to her—only her. He stared at the deep crimson drop, hunger radiating through him. The dark droplet slid over her plump lip and contrasted against her pallid skin. His gaze traced the path of the rich blood as it slowly dribbled down to her chin.
The scent drew him closer. The delicious smell was her blood. Sniffing the air and moving ever nearer, he ran his tongue across his lips. All his vision narrowed to that spot when another drop oozed to the surface of the tiny wound and spilled over. This time he was close enough to catch it with his tongue. He closed his eyes and savored the flavor. As she bent in and kissed him, every cell in his body begged for more.
All rights reserved - copyright Eliza March 2013

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