Saturday, November 29, 2014

#amwriting #scrivener #nanowrimo Layering Description

Okay ... you threw down the words to meet your NaNoWriMo goal, but what did you miss along the way? Spitting out the plot and introducing the characters is an important part of writing your story, but before you're done, it's the details that wrap your readers in a cocoon of imagery.
It's been a while since I posted anything inspirational for detailed description. Torsos and expression are always enjoyable searches. I began gathering pictures of everything I thought would work for my stories, so when I needed to refresh my memory, I had a variety on hand. Scrivener allows me to reference these photos while I'm writing. I get to see if I missed describing anything important. The way the muscles stretch or bunch, the way the eyes stare, heavy lidded. A building in shadows. The way a flame flickers. Moss on stones. The sun shining through leaves in a heavily wooded forest.

An author should be able to close her/his eyes, visualize what will be described from the way it looks in one dimension to three, and the texture, scent, temperature, taste--engage as many senses as possible in your description and take advantage of reminders like these.

Woods can smell of mold, damp leaves, pine. What else? A spa evokes sensual relaxation. A peaceful moment, an evocative  sensation. How do you respond to the visual? Can you put that into words? A man holding you? A woman in your arms? What does it feel like? Describe the sensations you imagine.

Visualize the rolling sea, the scent, the mist, the sounds. An old cemetery, damp stones and leaves. Fresh flowers and rotting plants? Cut grass on a warm day?

This is important to put the reader in the scene. Layering description in strategically makes the story come alive. What are the first impressions you feel when you examine some of these pictures? Good dialogue is important to move your story forward, but take a break every now and then and give your reader time to smell the roses, or the sea, or the...

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