Thursday, November 6, 2014

Quick #NaNoWriMo Update Pick up the pace. Turn Off your internal editor

I surpassed 5,000 words yesterday for the month so far and need to update later. I am running behind, but I think I've found a way to pick up the count. I'm using Dragon Speak. It forces me to shut OFF my internal editor and just let the ideas flow. I had to do a little retraining. Me not the program. And I do have a dictation program on my phone too in case I'm wildly inspired at some inopportune moment and just have to keep writing. (You can't be too careful about losing those ideas when you're my age. LOL)

So any way you can get your ideas down, good, bad, or ugly, keep them coming. You can sort them out later.

My world building, developing a distopian world in the not too distant future requires imagination, details, and fact checking. There are only so many false premises you can start your story with before you realize you are heading in the wrong direction, so it's important to do a modicum of research on the concept. I ran into that problem early and thank goodness I stopped to fact check. With a minor adjustment, I was able to move forward with the premise and at least have a reasonable cause and effect for the sudden changes the world undergoes.


  1. Look forward to you joining us for the IWSG post next month!

    1. Thank you. Can you tell me more about the post?