Thursday, February 26, 2015

#iamwriting You May Ask "What Are you Doing? Where's That Next Book? Update!

Update as of February 2015 -  Today is the OFFICIAL release day for the NEW EDITION of Sultry Santorini Sunsets. Check/Done

To answer those questions, I'll have to preface my answer with, "I do have a full time editing job, and all those authors' books come first." If you figure out how to expand the twenty-four hour day let me know so I can have more time to play with my WsIP and my own scrumptious heroes. In the mean time, I'm squeezing writing time out of time I should be cleaning (Ha! Who cares?) or sleeping (I can sleep when my muse stops speaking!)

So for anyone interested, here is a list of my works in progress. I can't make any promises, except for the first one. My priority for now is: DAMN THE DARKNESS book 3 in the Hearts of Darkness series (which should be read in order but do have a completed HEA) for those of you who want romantic satisfaction.

Yes, I'm finalizing the edits and formatting for DAMN THE DARKNESS due out April 30th 2015. Sorry for the delay, but it just needed a bit more story.

While doing that, I'm working on a secret project this week and hope to have something to tell you about it in May. And there's still outlining to be done for the SciFi distopian book I started for NaNoWriMo. As ideas come to me I get right to it.

The 4th book in the Hearts of Darkness is in the planning phase. I have a few new characters to add and a few old ones whose stories need to be told. Who doesn't want to know what Ramon is? Who can't wait to see Max convince the demoness/halfling he's right for her? And OMG, don't you just want to rub yourself all over that cajun wolf, Garr? So many men, too many choices! Where to start?

Must go to work now. Hugs! ~~~Eliza


  1. I can't wait for Damn the Darkness; and Sultry Santorini Nights sounds HOT!!

  2. SSS is one of the hottest I've ever written. And Damn the Darkness has been a fun roller coaster ride of emotion. LOL


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