Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Trailer for THE LETTING

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New Adult/Young Adult  - Distopian Romance

Isn’t it strange how sometimes inspiration hits us in the most unexpected places?

I had no intentions of writing The Letting. None. In fact, I was elbow deep in revisions of an entirely different romance novel when The Letting came to me.

A city girl at heart, but deciding to be a good sport, I packed up my husband and my girls to spend a month in a summer camp in the deep woods of Upstate NY.

It was an endless trip down miles-long unpaved “roads,” and when we finally arrived at camp, bleary-eyed and exhausted, I looked around at the cabins: weather-beaten, small as toddler shoe boxes, and all painted an identical dirty, mud brown. All I could think was:  This is the perfect setting for a horror movie.
Not off to the best start.

Conditions didn’t improve. I watched the campers being hustled from one activity to another, eat only at scheduled mealtimes, and play solely at allotted recreational times. All of which terrified me and my I-hate-schedules-and-routines personality.

One day, hiking through the woods, waving a can of OFF! feverishly in front of us as we went, I declared I had so many mosquito bites it was like a bloodletting. Twilight was approaching and the eeriness of the forest gave me chills and made my mind start reeling.

“What if one day blood donations become mandatory?” I wondered out loud. “That would make a cool NA/YA novel. Only it needs a great title…something like…The Letting.” I ran back to our tiny, mud-colored hut and immediately started work on The Letting.

So I ventured out on a “vacation” I never thought I would take, and wrote a book I was never planning to write. I like that. I’ve also grown to like camp…or at least appreciate it.  At the very least, I no longer think of camp as a setting for a horror movie, but rather, the perfect backdrop for a NA/YA dystopian romance.

One thing is for sure, I am eternally grateful to camp for the inspiration for The Letting, and for hosting us in subsequent years so that I could write Books 2 and 3 of The Letting series.

What if the Devil doesn’t know he’s the Devil? This is the question Veronica “Ronnie” Billings poses to Phoenix, her sworn enemy, the leader of the Peaceful Revolution, and the one she loves. Kidnapped by Phoenix’s rebels, Ronnie learns how wrong she has been. She had no idea that her patriotism was wasted on a corrupt government. Ronnie was proud to be a Leader; taking hundreds of harvested girls to the Letting facility. After all, she was saving them from future Couplings and bringing them to the safety of the New World. Or so she thought… Confused, Ronnie realizes the only way to discover the truth is to trust her heart. Together, Phoenix and Ronnie devise a plan to stop their corrupt government and preempt the dangerous rebel coup which is approaching. But when their plan goes awry, will Ronnie be strong enough to save Phoenix, her country, and herself?

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  1. Love the trailer! Sounds like a great read!

    1. Sharon, you won't be disappointed.
      I loved it!

  2. Loved your camping story and how inspiration struck.

    1. I agree and am always amazed how the creative mind scans ideas and latches onto one.

  3. Great trailer! I love the premise of the story.

    1. I loved the trailer. It is definitely an attention grabber.