Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Be Strong - Be Bold - Be Brave...when you write!

Today is the day when I think about writing and wonder why I do it. If I write for myself I shouldn't be bothered by less than stellar reviews, or not enough of them, or not being on the NY Times best seller list, but as hard as I try to hold back my competitive nature I can't. [Giggle]

I love seeing my author friends' success, every step of the way. Honestly, when I was younger I might have been jealous. Now, I just want to get there, too. In fact, if I think about their success it gives me hope. The way authors help each other out is a team effort, pulling each other and pushing to the top. It's always a pleasure to share. Because each of us is writing our own thing it isn't a competition, it's a team effort to rise to the top. There's room and we can bounce off each other.

Have a great month. See you next insecure Wednesday and until then be strong, be bold, be brave!


  1. I think deep down all writer's want their books to be the next big thing, I know I do! I also know to do that I need to finish my manuscript LOL!
    IWSG Co-host in March :)

    1. Good luck on finishing. LOL
      My next book is "pinches fingers together" this close. :-)