Wednesday, May 20, 2015

#$0.99 #Save $$$'s at #Amazon #Kindle on Eliza March's Hearts of Darkness series

Save $$$'s at Amazon Kindle on Eliza March's Hearts of Darkness series

Now through May 31st the Hearts of Darkness series 
by Eliza March is on sale at Amazon

Defeat the Darkness Vol 1 and Conquer the Highland Beast Vol 2
ONLY $0.99 each
Vaewolf: Damn the Darkness
[The Prophecy's Promise]

ONLY $2.99 this month


 Excerpt from Vaewolf:

Six enormous wolves with silver eyes accompanied Jackson, stepping stealthily through the forest in spite of the ground covered with dried leaves. He and his pack stalked two males who, with the exception of the horns wrapped tightly against their heads, could have passed for human body builders.
More demons.”
Jackson and his werewolves moved forward, hunting and sniffing the air, waiting for the precise moment to strike.
The sharp sound of a branch snapping startled everyone. The unknowing prey and the hunters immediately stopped. Each demon male twisted to look and listen. The wolves, in order to remain hidden, silently dropped back into the brush. Jackson circled to the far side and waited still as death, not even breathing.
Then from a tree in front of the demons, an owl dropped to the ground. With wings fully extended whipping the air, the shape changed into the form of a tall slender woman with long flowing hair the color of copper covering most of her nakedness.
Shifter.” The tattoo on her hip gave her away. Only certain witches born to the magic were capable of shifting, and they were both powerful and dangerous.
Jackson sent the message mentally to his pack. “Not just any shifter. Witch shifter. Kade, do you have the trap bag?”
Yeah. We’ll need the iron and the witch’s rope, right?”
“…And the torque.”       
She reached into an obscure hole in the tree, pulled out a cloak, and covered herself while the demons were preoccupied with the shock of having an owl turn into the pretty witch.
From the cover of the trees, with the pack at his back, Jackson listened closely to the exchange taking place. The witch took a carved wooden box from her cloak and handed it to the taller of the two men. The other handed her a small package in exchange.
Before the transaction concluded, Jackson gave a silent order to attack with a shake of his head and a low growl. His shift from wolf to vampire happened so quickly, no one watching had time to move. But when Jackson attacked the witch, she struggled to free her hands. She needed her hands to spell caste. He ignored her physical efforts and instantly mesmerized her to prevent her from using magic, thus controlling her for the moment. Once the rest of the pack attacked the demons, it didn’t take long to subdue them.

Advantage wolves. [Copyright Eliza March 2015] All rights reserved.

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