Sunday, August 30, 2015

#99cents #kindle #sale Vaewolf:Damn the Darkness [Hearts of Darkness book 3]

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New World - New Rules
Vampires are losing their immortality and they are the the only thing standing between humans and the demons of the Underworld. In this third installment, when two men imprint on the same woman, will the Prophecy's Promise finally be fulfilled?

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The third book in the Hearts of Darkness trilogy 
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Books One and Two are also available

Vaewolf: The beast invokes fear in the fearless and hope in the hopeless. 
A dark adult romance. A paranormal-erotic love triangle. M/F/M
Jackson Xenos, the first born vampire in a millennia is a hybrid werewolf destined to lead the Loreans. He resents being the Werewolves’ miracle and the vampires’ hope, and he certainly doesn’t want any part of an ancient prophecy. 

Dylan Macgregor, Jackson’s mentor, overcame the loss of his family and years of darkness, but until he almost lost his life mate to a bullet, he didn’t know what loss could be. Now the vow the Highland berserker made to Jackson’s father on a bloody battlefield three hundred years ago has come due, and suddenly he faces a greater challenge when Jackson imprints on his life mate. The promise he made might be more than he bargained for. 

Psychic FBI profiler, Caitlin Donovan’s life forever changed the day she died. Despite awakening to a world of supernatural beings she never knew existed, her new future with Dylan couldn’t look brighter, until something inside her responds to Jackson's wolf. Caitlin, to her horror, discovers the men who care for each other like brothers, may end up fighting to the death over her, because vampires don’t share. 

To fulfill the prophecy, Jackson must bind his mate, but neither man will risk completing the life bond to Caitlin without understanding the prophecy and until she’s bound to one of them, her psychic DNA calls to the demons, endangering everyone in the Parrish. 

The answers are in their blood, but what does her unique variety of DNA prove? Is Caitlin meant for one man or the other? The pain of remaining unbound is draining her life force, and the men who love her suffer her pain. To the sex fae in her, seduction seems a fair solution to their problem. A little faerie dust can’t hurt.


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