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Continued...Defeat the Darkness: WIngs - Light and Dark

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SEX FAE Chapter continued...
Shelby sensed Kyle and his desire even though he wasn’t in the same room with her. The sexual tension between them had never been so intense. And she remembered there were plenty of times in the past as passion filled and satisfying. Now, she couldn’t get enough of him. She felt as if she were starving for him. With every minute that passed, her hunger for him grew, her body ached with need, and her skin itched for his touch.
 Shelby couldn’t wait for him any longer. The room was stifling and hot. She rose off the bed, not bothering with the sheet, and stretched. The sensation made her breasts tingle and increased the dampness between her legs. Her insides were burning up, tight and throbbing for attention.
Although she didn’t know where he was, her senses knew how to find him, and every one of them was on high alert, searching for him like a radar beacon. The pull of her body led her down the hall in his direction. She followed the sound of his voice and his delicious masculine scent through the hallway until her vision narrowed and everything turned to shades of black and white.
The closer she got to the sound of his voice, the higher the flames built within her, and crimson replaced the previous visual grey and black monotone shades. 
Kyle was still on the phone.
She paused listening to the deep resonating sound of his voice. It sent chills up her spine until his words cleared the sexual haze cluttering her mind.
“Sex fae," Kyle said. "That’s right, Dylan. That’s what Victor said. He’s on his way back here now.”
He paused while Shelby assumed Dylan took over the conversation.
Sex fae? Her? She ran her hands up her body and caressed her skin. Mmm, whatever. It feels wonderful.
“I’m not going to be able to stay here through the full moon. She’s already affecting both of my beasts. Yes, I know. Victor warned me I could be dangerous under the circumstances. He's convincing Max to come. I could kill her in either one of my states without knowing what I was doing. You know I won’t risk that.”
What was he talking about anyway? A sex fae? His beasts? Had she heard him correctly? Or was the medicine he kept shoving down her throat causing more weird side effects. 
Shelby leaned against the cool mirrored wall dismissing Kyle’s concern, and thinking only of how the coolness felt so sensual against her heated flesh. At this point, running ice down her body and letting it melt between her legs would be enough to send her into a lengthy orgasm. Better yet, would be convincing Kyle to fill her and thrust inside her until that sexual itch was thoroughly scratched, satisfying the hunger. Temporarily.
Shelby must have groaned because she caught his reflection turn and look at hers. She watched his eyes and saw what he saw. She was naked and flushed. Her breasts were swollen, high and full with desire. Her nipples, tight little points poking through a few loose curls, were aimed straight at him. His gaze dropped lower taking her all in. A strange glow emanated from her body. Her skin glistened, almost shimmering with a fine aura of golden particles that dusted the floor around her. She never felt so beautiful before—never was so beautiful before. The sight of her own image astounded her.
She glanced up when a growl filled the space between them. For a moment, she saw a variety of desires cross over Kyle’s face. Fear. Sorrow. Lust. Love. 
Finally, resignation.
“I trust you, Kyle.” Of one thing she was certain, he would never hurt her, even unintentionally.
He shook his head and narrowed his eyes. They flashed with a reddish glow before he lowered his lids and his thick black lashes hid the color from her.
He turned away from her and spoke into the phone, “Yeah, Dylan, I’m still here, but I’m going to need some help before Victor and Max get back. Give us a minute to get decent.”
He walked toward her, unwrapped the towel around his waist, then covered her in it.
“What—?” she started to ask.
He only shrugged a shoulder and steered her back to the bedroom.
The low growl she’d heard coming from him earlier stopped. He tried to finish the conversation he was having with Dylan while embracing her.
“Once Max understands the circumstances, he’ll do what’s necessary to keep her safe and satisfied.”
“What’s Max going to understand?” she asked.
He mouthed, “I’ll fill you in later.”
“No, I’m not going to give her up.” Kyle kissed the top of her head. “But I need Victor to help me figure out how to use these damned wings and control this demon inside me before I test my resolve on Shelby.”
He's not giving me up--awe... Damned wings?
When she lifted her head and looked at Kyle, her knees buckled. His eyes were blood red, he was hard as steel, pumped with desire, and behind him she saw humongous, talon-tipped black wings. Shelby blinked several times trying to clear her vision, but nothing changed. The shock of seeing him like that cooled her ardor. Fear was a powerful emotion.
"You think these are impressive? Wait 'til you see yours," Kyle said and handed her, her clothes. “Put these on, quickly. Dylan is on his way.
She realized too late, Kyle was the only thing keeping her upright when he released her and turned to leave the room. 

Shelby sank to her wobbly knees, too confused to argue. Mine?

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