Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth ! #Kindle #$.99 Defeat the Darkness On Sale

Defeat the Darkness Book 1 is ON SALE $0.99 at #AMAZON #Kindle

So one has to wonder when writing a book about the images in the author's head and how you manage to paint them with words.
What happens when you write about characters who are immortal? Where does their story begin? History of the present day story began a very long time ago. I guess it begins where the present story picks up, but the story that made the immortals what they are is essential to the upcoming events. So the PAST history is the first part of the next book and the PRESENT is the second part. Dylan's story is told in two parts.

This is the swamp in the Louisiana bayou near New Orleans during the day that appears on the book cover. In Defeat the DarknessI envision it more the way it looks on the book cover, closer to dark with deep blues and blacks shadowing the cypress and Spanish moss. My fictitious location for the setting of this Hearts of Darkness series, is part of the opening to Dylan's story. Next Damn the Darkness, Conquer the Highland Beast will take the reader back to his past in the Highlands and the islands off the mainland. Then return to the present and the swamps of Louisiana. In the third book we meet Jackson Xenos, half werewolf half born vampire - VAEWOLF (Damn the Darkness). The whole group battles the influx of the rogue jaguars and the demons.


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