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New Excerpt from DEFEAT THE DARKNESS by Eliza March

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Excerpt from Book 1 in the Hearts of Darkness series Defeat the Darkness 


"...Defeat the Darkness is not a lightweight read. It packs a punch in both plot and character dynamics. It’s not a book that is stuffed with fluff and sweetness – it’s tart, tantalizing and at times disturbing. It has a solid story line and a complicated romance to go with it which concludes with a fitting happy ever after for the trio. If you like your paranormal romances to have bite, sauce and vinegar, and surprises, then give Defeat the Darkness a whirl. There’s a lot to like." ~~Long and Short Reviews

"...For me this story was a fresh, new and totally original concept that kept me engrossed until the very end..." ~~Book Reviewer, Karen Roma

Book 1 Hearts of DarknessBy Eliza March

Thank you for sharing. ~~~Eliza 

I have a brand new excerpt from the first book, Defeat the Darkness, for you. After you read it, remember it's on sale at Amazon this month for $0.99. 

~~Although she smelled sweet, enticing, and tasted like something he’d longed for all his life, he knew her flavor wasn’t real. Everything about her was an illusion she created to seduce him.
He cringed when she pressed her breasts to his chest and her nipples pebbled and hardened, her arousal evident. She brushed them against his skin and ran her nails down his hips. He cursed beneath his breath.
Against his will, his erection rose, lifting proudly, and his will diminished.
He refused to respond when her hands clasped his hips and ground her mound against him. He pulled away and cupped himself to assuage the growing pressure. She stepped back and her sooty lashes lowered, watching him struggle. Her lips lifted in a curl, smiling as his body reacted to her despite the battle he fought with himself.
Without a word from her, the jaguar guards left them alone. Amyra stepped back allowing the dress she wore to slip from her shoulders to the cave floor.
Kyle couldn’t look away. Her body was sexy and voluptuous when covered in black silk, but naked, she was every man’s wet dream. The idea made him harder in spite of his defiance.
Standing before him with her skin glowing in the dark, there was no denying her beauty—her high, full breasts had large areolas and distinct nipples. Her waist was so narrow he could span it with his hands, and her hips were so round and lush a man could sink between her thighs and ride her forever.
He imagined what it would be like to kiss those nipples drawing them deep into his mouth, and sucking until they were long and sensitive, until she trembled beneath him.
Her hands moved to touch herself between her legs, and his gaze dropped to the tight dark curls covering her mound. She spread her legs a little wider so he could see how aroused she was. She was swollen and engorged, the pink nub evident, wet and shiny, peaking through her folds. She was perfection in the form of a woman, and she wanted something from him.
As if he’d been forced to look up, he lifted his eyes and met hers, unable to tear his gaze away. Could she read his thoughts? Did he dare anger her?
His body obviously wanted hers, but she wasn’t Shelby. She wasn’t the woman he truly wanted, and yet he couldn’t stop his physical reaction. What he could do was make sure this woman knew how much he cared for Shelby. He would do nothing of his own free will.
Amyra stepped forward until they were skin to skin. Her touch further weakened his resolve, forcing him in some way to succumb to her mighty power. He palmed one rounded breast, weighing it in his hand. He thumbed her nipple and watched her reaction. The sound of pleasure when she gasped seemed real enough, and his body responded to the scent of her desire. Her lust smelled stronger and more enticing than he’d ever experienced before.
His jaguar senses must have enhanced his human ones. What other jaguar powers did he have? The one bombarding him was his jaguar’s lust.
She drew him in, touched his erection, and beguiled him. Then, as she laughed, she wrapped herself around him like a boa constrictor and took the vein at his throat.
Kyle entered the empty labyrinth of her mind, experiencing the horror he’d been fighting since his attack. He saw what was in store for him—what she would do to Julian and his family if he didn’t cooperate—what she would do to Shelby if he ever tried to escape.
She was determined he would survive, and then he would be hers—body and soul.
Suddenly, that concept was more frightening than death. He would rather die than exist that way. Then he thought of his family and Shelby. With greater conviction to find an escape, he decided he couldn’t give up without even trying to fight her.

Pain shot through him as if his heart had been twisted within his chest. She was reading his thoughts as she fed from him. He would have to be more cautious in the future. An anxious sense of doom replaced the blood he was losing, filling him with dread before he blacked out.

All rights reserved. No part of this may be copied or reproduced without the written permission of the author. Copyright 2012, Eliza March

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