Sunday, July 5, 2015

What's coming next from Eliza March? Stay tuned for excerpts...

July 5th 2015 Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. This is what I've been working on for the last few days:

Sizzling Highland Spring [Sensual Journeys] So far it's pretty darn sexy, but I'm loving this plot line and the characters. Naomi the heroine is Ailsa's best friend (in Hot Highland Fling [Erotic Journeys]) from America. After she caught her, so called, boyfriend in their bed with a graduate student, and discovered he took credit for Naomi's doctorate research on celtic artifacts, she's determined to take a page out of Aisla's Cinderella story. She needs to rethink what she wants out of her work and her life...and that includes the kind of man who can provide something other than vanilla sex. She considers releasing her inhibitions and experimenting, but she needs someone safe--someone who isn't looking for a commitment, because that would ruin everything.
A Scotsman in black Gerard Butler
Ailsa and Colin provide the perfect opportunity... They need a "house" sitter for their castle in Scotland over the summer while the University investigates a faery mound (cairn) discovered on their property. Naomi's lifelong dream has been to excavate an untouched cairn, and while she's there Colin asks her to appraise the objects in the old castle dungeon.
Conflict enters the picture in the form of Colin's best friend, the Heathcliff of the Highlands, surly Daegus Stewart, who scoffs at kilts, dresses in black leather, and rides a motorcycle. Not all Highlanders need a kilt to set a woman's hormones racing...
There's also seventy-year old, Professor Ian McKinter. I envision him as Sean Connery. He's a bit huffy, too.
I'll post unedited excerpts as the story develops on my BLOG. Please comment. I love to hear what my readers think. EM