Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#posting #rant Facebook and me. Eliza March

You should probably visit my Facebook page. I seem to do all my ranting there lately. I'll give you the link so it's easy for you to find me if you choose to follow me...or whatever one does on FB. Stalk, friend, post?

That is my friend page where only I can only have 5,000 of you, and yet I never seem to be able to find all of you when I want you.  Then there's the Professional Page here:

Which is even worse, because not all of my friends from my personal page are following me on this page. That means I can't find you from there. And even fewer of you seem to be able to see this page. I'm very confused.

Here https://www.facebook.com/authorelizamarch/app_100265896690345
...is where you can sign up for my newsletter so you don't have to stalk me elsewhere...I can send you everything you want to know in my Quarterly Newsletter, otherwise stay here. I usually Blog sometime during the week. Looks like you got lucky. It's just a bunch of nothing, today.

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