Thursday, October 15, 2015

What's Eliza Up To? #IAmWriting

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How about an adult excerpt?
Highland Summer Sizzle
by Eliza March 
Coming in 2016
Even from a distance, when Dr. Naomi Walters stepped from the car and pushed the mass of thick blonde ringlets over her shoulder, Daegus' breath caught in his chest. God, what a rack. How had he missed that body when he'd seen her picture and the video?
She turned back to the car, and as she leaned inside for something, the movement exposed a pair of slender legs and miles of pale skin below the short skirt of her spring flowered dress. He found himself begging her to reach in a bit further. He wanted to run his hands over her hips, down those firm rounded cheeks, and slip his fingers between them, searching for her warm wet folds. Heat snaked through him and blood pooled in his groin as his balls tightened.
She stood up and looked around holding a cell phone to her ear. He'd stepped quietly down the stairs on the east side while all of her attention had been focused to the west.
“I'm here safe and sound and ready to follow in your footsteps.” She gave a glance over at the working men and added, “All ready to play with the local lads.”

Her throaty announcement made his gut clench. His reaction to her remained the same. Nothing had changed.
All rights reserved copyright 2015 Eliza March

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