Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Finding My Inner Peace to Write

My UPCOMING RELEASE needs to be wrapped up soon.

I ran across this today (not sure who to credit) but I knew it was true for me. "Your outer circumstances are but a reflection of your inner thoughts."

After several weeks of letting chaotic daily life interfere with my writing time, I realized I kept reinforcing the problem by repeating the message to myself day after day, “You don’t have time to do what you want. Everything else is clamoring for attention.” And guess what happened!

Everything else did interfere, and I didn’t have time. What if instead, I had said, “I’m relaxed, I'm feeling creative, I've got a plan for that next scene?"

My plan: I'm going to take three hours each day for my creative writing, put on headphones, and be unavailable to the world, short of fire, flood, or earthquake?
I bet I find those hours.

What if I vow I’ll promote my books one hour a day, or limit checking my emails to twice a day,  or ...? You get the picture.

What if I said ... “I’m going to get a new contract on my book series next year.” Do you think I can do it? More importantly ... do I believe I can do it? Yup! I do!

Now my friends, I ask you to hold my feet to the fire. Help me keep the vision of success clearly in front of me and embedded in my “inner thoughts.” And I’ll try to stay positive.

Friends help friends stay motivated. Friends help friends stay sane. Friends help friends reach their goals, and friends help friends find success.

Kick back and relax - plug your ears and open your mind - let your creative juices flow. Read books.