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FEBRUARY 25th 2016

Trouble in the Tropics by Eliza March

Cyber Espionage Romance Novella

PhD student, Sage Deming committed herself to the NSA, but not until after spring breakher firsthot sun, white sand, and mindless sex, until a series of deadly encounters threaten to interrupt her plans. 
 Colonel Ryan O'Malley returns after a two-year deployment with a goal to relax before his next cyber security assignment. Is it just dumb luck he's there when the first hot chick he encounters is almost run down and kidnapped? 
 Facing danger and betrayal, Sage and Ryan discover a cyber terrorist plot to keep her from finishing her project for Homeland Security. 
 That she's determined to experience all spring break has to offer—including casual sex—strangely rankles Ryan as much as the possibility she's a terrorist target. He's determined to protect her and fulfill her qualifications for that weekend fling. 
 Sage finally discovers there’s more to life than work, and more to sex than she's ever experienced, but will she manage to stay alive long enough to enjoy it? If the government and her handsome colonel have any say, she will not only finish her project but she'll also get more than the spring break she's been waiting for.


When the last of her things were put away, he risked digging deeper. "You're out here to have a good time, right?"
 Her mass of curly red hair had come undone and followed her head when she turned quickly in his direction. Their eyes met. Hers pupils dilated slightly and her breathing accelerated.
She wanted him, all right.
He walked toward her, slowly, hoping she wouldn't bolt.
There…her eyes opened wider, and she apparently couldn't figure out what to do with her hands. First she picked up the TV remote then put it back on the counter.
"Well, did you?"
"Y-yes," she stammered, frozen in place. Her response sounded cautious, but definitive.
Suddenly, he was determined to be the one to get her through her first spring break. Now all he had to do was convince her to let him.
He placed his hands on her shoulders and waited for her to stop fidgeting.
"Relax." He stepped closer, his hands caressing her arms all the way down to her wrists. Her pulse felt like a captured bird's. Lifting her hands to his lips, he kissed one knuckle after the next, watching her wide-eyed surprise. Then he encouraged her to wrap her arms around his neck.
She never stopped staring into his eyes as if searching for a reason he would be doing this…or why she should stop him.
He slid his arms around her waist, and pulled her into a loose embrace and bent his head to hers, lightly kissing the soft skin on his way to her ear. He inhaled deeply, enjoying her feint floral scent and the way she responded by leaning in and pressing against him. He'd been hard since the pollen incident. Now he was ready, but Ryan wanted to take his time savoring this woman, this moment.
"I'm interested in helping you enjoy your first spring break if I meet with you're approval."
Her heavy lidded gaze roamed his face before looking aside. "You'll do nicely," she murmured shyly.
"There are a few ways we can approach this now that we're clear on the outcome." He let that sink in. "We can get this heat out of our systems, fast and furious, and then take the time to get to know each other and enjoy the rest of our time together, slow and easy like."
 Her eyes widened. Were those freckles on her nose? When did he decide freckles were unbearably sexy? He cupped her face and brushed his lips over her cheeks. God he had it bad.
His breathing paused. "Okay? Fast and furious now—?"
"Wait!" She pushed away.
Wait? No, his body rebelled. What the hell?
"What's your name?"
"My name?" He tried to pull her back into his embrace, but she held her ground.
He grunted. "Ryan."
"Really? Your full name?"
"Ryan Patrick O'Malley. Why?"
"We never bothered exchanging names. I'm Sage Deming. You know the rest."
"Nice to meet you, Sage." Ryan took her back into his arms and nuzzled her neck. "But there's so much more I plan to know about you besides your name. More I want to explore. More I want to learn about you."
"Okay. Let's start here." She stood on her toes and drew him into an open-mouthed tongue-fuck he hadn't expected.
He thought he'd lose his mind when she dropped her hand to his groin and cupped him. Every inch of him insisted he dive in while his brain fought to appreciate every contact, every impression.
"So it's going to be that way, is it?" After his last six months of celibacy fast and furious suited him just fine. 

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  1. Ha. My husband teaches mathematics and has written recommendations for some of his students applying to the NSA. Wait. I'm probably not allowed to tell you that. Never mind!


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