Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Eliza March's IATO series and Desiree Holt's Omega Series Meet in Kindle World

Coming Soon:
A new book in the IATO series is coming as part of Kindle World
Omega series.


Rowan O'Malley, descended from a long line of IRA members, is wealthy, brilliant, and beautiful but keeps her distance from men. The self-made business woman and one of the most brilliant cyber hackers from the dark web writes system security programs that can't be broken. Now there's a billion dollar bounty on her head for her newest project...but IATO wants her first and Carter Jones needs to win her trust. When he is assigned to get the program and keep her safe, the former SEAL has no idea how capable the fragile beauty is, physically and intellectually. His perfect fantasy woman is ready to seduce him before trusting him with her project. She’s going to take some convincing that his black ops group are the good guys, especially since she can’t find any trace of them in any systems.

Cyber Tracked follows the International Anti-TerroristOrganization (IATO) series, ACROSS A CROWDED ROOM, three serialized books. Cyber Tracked is the beginning of Carter's story and links to Desiree Holt 's OMEGA series at Kindle World.

The setting is in Belfast and Amsterdam. But it is loosely related to TROUBLE IN THE TROPICS since the group Ryan and Matt actually work for is IATO.  As soon as I get the log finished I'll add it to the cover. When I write the next installment either the continuation of Ryan and Sage's story or Matt and Amy's story, TROUBLE IN THE TROPICS, it will join the IATO series.


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