Wednesday, May 4, 2016

IWSG today and Maximum Impact has had a maximum impact on many writers already!

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Early Happy Zinc Cinco de Mayo to all my IWSG members today. I'm doing a random giveaway on AMAZON May 5th for one day only for my non-fiction book written by my editor persona, Maureen Sevilla. Last weekend I presented the workshop Writing Short in Las Vegas for a group of writers. Now the booklet the workshop was based on is available to everyone. I hope you'll visit my Eliza March Page at Amazon and follow me to enter the giveaway. 

MAXIMUM IMPACT - Writing Short: Say More With Less: Condense the Essence & Leave 'em Satisfied

Kindle Edition

I'm so happy to announce Maximum Impact is doing well and being received well from the writing community. Trust me none of the ideas are new. Thanks to many other writers who have shared their ideas, I have been able to put together a short book about writing short. You don't have to be a novelist to appreciate the thoughts that go into writing short and creating something interesting. Don't struggle over the note on a thank you letter or how to sign a birthday card. But if you are a novelist trying to write something shorter; like a novella, short story, blurb, pitch line or synopsis...check out the treasure bits I'm sharing from classes and books by other stellar writers who were generous enough to share their knowledge with others...

For many years, I’ve been an avid romance reader, writer, and an editor. More recently, I’ve also been working as a writing coach and an independent editor, expanding my experience beyond content, copy, and romance editing to other genres. I maintain an eclectic taste in reading, which is what keeps me from focusing on one genre when I write. 

After being invited to do a presentation about "writing short" for a conference, several notions came to mind. Before I retired from the corporate world to write fiction and edit, I used to write ads, newsletters, catalogs, educational material, and presentations for a marketing company. I clearly understand the reason why writing short needs to provide maximum impact whether writing ad campaigns or taglines or book blurbs. Every word counts. 

A few ideas, some painful analysis, and a great deal of research later, I hope to help other authors understand the idea of condensing a concept without losing the essence of the writing. Keep the flavor and the spice even when you choose to reduce the size of the recipe. 

The one exceptional thing I identified while preparing the presentation was how to take theme and compress the ideas to efficiently write something short yet interesting. The following are suggestions, so as writers, we can… Condense the essence and leave the reader satisfied. The magic word is…suggestion. Try it and I hope it works for you.

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