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#FREE Eliza March Book 1 in Across a Crowded Room

INNOCENCE LOST Across a Crowded Room IATO series Book 1  FREE HERE  June 9th-13th

About the Series

Innocence Lost, Book 1 - While working with the secret International Anti-Terrorist Organization, privately referred to as IATO, agent Jason DesJardin survives the deadly explosion that seriously injures his partner, Harrison James and kills his mentor, Senior Agent Avery Holmes. After discovering evidence of a mole in the organization, Jason goes deep undercover to find the man behind the kill order. Guilt, a dark secret from his past, and the need to protect Avery’s daughter, prevents Jason from returning to Emily and exposing her to the dangerous elements of his job. 

The Monte Carlo Affair, Book 2

The balance of world power drops into Emily’s inexperienced hands, and she is forced to play a dangerous game of seduction with Mosel Reinhardt, the notorious international arms dealer, while her team and Jason look on. Is Reinhardt peddling the nanotech chip technology, or are Emily’s instincts about him correct? 
The mission heats up when Jason finds he can no longer resist her—his old friend’s daughter, the agency computer genius has gone femme fatale and she’s too hot for him to handle, and neither can Mosel. The man who’s never cared about anyone or anything actually seems to care about Emily. After years of waiting to have her again, the tables turn on Jason. He’s unwilling to share her with anyone, let alone his oldest rival, even for the mission. But will he be able to watch her seduce Mosel in order to find her father’s killer and stop the madness? Would she stop if he asked her? 

Cyber Seduction, Book 3 – Emily and Jason barely escape Monte Carlo with their identities intact after retrieving the nanotech chip, and then once again Jason distances himself from Emily. The continued plan includes enticing Mosel to follow Emily back to Washington, DC where they expect him to meet with the terrorists and their contact. The danger to her escalates but it’s imperative they uncover the mole in their agency. 
The tables turn on Jason and Emily when he risks everything to get the answers he’s been looking for and is captured. Emily takes a risk and enlists Mosel’s help to save him. As the story unravels, convoluted secrets from the past surface, expose old guilt and childish misconceptions, and finally shed light on old nightmares. 

Format: Paperback
Monica's Review

Across the Crowded Room is a suspenseful thriller that will keep you at the edge 
of your seat and not wanting to let go until you are done with the story. Between
the seduction that Emily is scheming with trying to get Jason interested in her, 
as a woman and not as a sister, then you have her seducing a  notorious
international arms dealer. There is so much sexual tension just pouring from
Emily and Jason but neither of them state their true feeling but then Jason sees
how Emily and Mosel hit it off and he hits the roof with jealousy.

Jason had a traumatic childhood when they lived with their foster parent's. 
After one crazy, painful night an angel came to his rescue and the past was
never talked about again. He followed his adoptive dad's career and become 
a very prominent anti-terrorist agent that an agenda of his own when his 
adoptive dad was killed.

After three years being away from the person he had feelings for and his family
he set a mission that  included, Emily. Jason never thought anything about the
mission and what he had requested from her  in order to find her father's 
killer. From the moment Jason saw his sweet little angel walk in with Mosel, 
he was a goner. The one thing that came to mind at that moment was eat your 
heart out you piece of crap. After what he did to Emily, walk out on her not 
only after one passionate encounter but to walk out on her after her father 
died that was what he deserved. Emily did wonders on him after that and she
played right into the game of seduction. After that Jason could not watch any
more the seduction of Emily with Mosel but it was his idea.

I loved Across the Crowded Room, even though it had me in tears in some 
parts because of how Jason treated Emily Instead of being with her, he watches
and guards her from a distance, refusing to accept that rejecting her hurts both
of them. Emily is ready to prove she’s stronger than Jason realizes. Accepting
the man she loves is alive and avoiding her is not an option. She’s determined
to finish her training with her father’s black ops organization, IATO, find the 
answers haunting her past, and once and for all, prove she can take care of 
herself. When she discovers ties between the old car bombing that killed her
father and the terrorists she’s investigating, she finagles an assignment on to
Jason’s team and their next IATO mission. She will get the stolen nanotech 
chip back from the arms dealer looking to broker the secret technology to the
 terrorists and investigate the contact to her father’s death. .

Across a Crowded Room is a great book to escape from the daily rat race into 
the so well defined characters; A page turning thriller with just enough sex to 
keep you intrigued all the way through. A manditory read in my opinion!

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