Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Secret Family Recipe at

Eliza March's Recipe's

All through my life I've traveled. I thought I'd start a list of my favorite recipes from those places but to start, the joint family, arroz con pollo secret recipe is making it's debut.

Visit my website. The new Recipe page is up with the first recipe.

It began as an old Colon family recipe from Puerto Rico on my MIL's side of the family, but my father's family (the Bienvenistas') had a few additions from Spain, so over the years, with additions and modernization, this version became mine. I hope you enjoy it. There are always a few more short cuts you can take. In the old days I made it all from scratch. Now, so many of the ingredients are available in cans and jars this isn't an all day project. I can toss a salad while the pot is simmering and have dinner on the table within and hour. It's tried and true according to friends and family who make it, so enjoy. Make sure you leave me a comment. My ancestors can't wait to hear what you think. Bon Apetit. CLICK HERE

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