Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Insecure Writers Support Group ? of the month...

It’s the first Wednesday of the month when all the IWSGers post on their blogs about their writing insecurities or offer some encouragement to others. If you are new to the IWSG, please check out the IWSG Sign-up tab here.The November co-hosts: Joylene Nowell Butler, Jen Chandler, Mary Aalgaard, Lisa Buie Collard, Tamara Narayan, Tyrean Martinson, and Christine Rains!

November's Question: What is your favorite aspect of being a writer?

My favorite aspect would be the moment  a reader gets so wrapped up in my world and characters that they want to spend time talking to me about them. 

Hey, I love these readers. They get me. I spent years waking up during the night or early in the morning with my characters, laughing and crying with them, living and dying with them. I escaped from my problems by writing these stories, hiding away in my fantasy world. The characters took over the books and molded the outcome. I got to key it into the computer and check for punctuation and spelling errors. 

(Years... Book pirates take note: I spent years working on this book you downloaded for free and share with others.) 

Readers, if you read an author's work and like it, write a review or send a note. Talk to them about it. Believe me, they love it when you do. 

It  feels better than anything to share these moments analysing my book with a reader. Tell me which characters you liked, fell in love with, hated. Explain which events made you ache for the hero, cry with the heroine. Yes, I cried while I wrote it. If you choked up or laughed...I want to know.

So when I get a 5 STAR review, I want to know who you are so we can discuss my story. I love you. Sign up for my newsletter and stay in touch. 

Authors, if you're not getting the love you need ask for it. 


  1. Yes, let us know! We treasure those moments.

  2. Why didn't I saw this. I have a folder of save emails from readers. They're so special. Damned book pirates!