Monday, November 21, 2016

Dear Reader...Thank you. Eliza March

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Dear Reader,

This was great fun to write. Two couples fighting their inevitable attraction learn that love is all about being real. They have deadly consequences to face before the Dire Moon rises.

Who can deny the appeal of a Highland shifter with a love of family and sense of honor? He may have started off a bit stuffy, but Laurel pops right through Lucas’ defenses with her innocent ways and her freckled nose. Who knew the big bad dire wolf would have a soft spot for na├»ve females who know how to handle a variety of weapons and begs for kissing lessons.

Practically situated in my back yard, the HOT MOON RISING series' setting was perfect. (When I first moved to Florida my backyard bordered on an orange grove.) The male antagonist is beautifully evil and the female antagonist is that girl who flirted with every guy you were ever interested in. Enjoy reading about them and remember karma always wins.

Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving! ~Eliza

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