Sunday, January 29, 2017

As the Chair Turns series coming Fall 2017

Luna De La Mar - Exclusive Salon and Spa

I've been in the spa industry for many years in almost every capacity. It's the one thing I should be writing about but haven't. How many of you authors have a difficult time writing about what's closest too you? Well, I think I discovered the answer for me. Fantasy...paranormal...characters in a real setting can be or do whatever you want. This was the answer for me. If you like quirky, this may be the perfect series for you. A few of my funniest author friends' have volunteered to write their own stories for my AS THE CHAIR TURNS series, so we can all have fun and create new characters for you to laugh and love and cry with.
I’ve been working on an ongoing project that’s about a hair colorist named Delia who is the only human working in the high end spa in Boca, owned and run by Franco DeWolf alias Frankie the wolf. Irresistible to the social elite clientele, he talks a big show but thank goodness the staff is there to cover his useless ass. Why the siren on the rock for inspiration?  Delia’s ninety year old aunt returns to her lost siren beauty once a month as she sings through the night out on the beach. It’s only later that Delia’s gift of song becomes exposed for what it is…siren blood and she’s horrified!
The series, called As the Chair Turns, is an ongoing humorous paranormal serial about Delia and Frankie and the local interaction between the supernaturals and the spa’s human clients.
Start looking for the first book in AS THE CHAIR TURNS, Luna de La Mar Salon and Spa in the early fall of 2017. 
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  1. I'm actually not that fond of fantasy type books. I prefer nonfiction or historical fiction. I definitely agree with you when you say you have a hard time writing about things closest to you, though. I know if I did write about what I was closest to, if I managed to do so well, it would probably be the best thing I had ever written. *sigh* Oh well. I can only push myself so much. Maybe one day I'll get there. :)

    1. It's never too late. Study some of the craft in the mean time.


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