Thursday, March 30, 2017

Polishing the Prequel to the Gemini Prophecy Series

So I’m polishing the introductory book to the Gemini Prophecy series. This is like a very long prequel. It’s the back story with action to the series. How much do I tell? Then how much do I tell again in the actual book series?
What I found is the promise of the series wasn’t possible to relate in the beginning of book one, the Power of the Light, because I opened the book in the right place. Writing a fae myth and modern suspense is a tough mix. I’m also not sure how many readers are interested in a series where the main characters find their ordinary world isn’t so ordinary after all. The books are modern day mysteries with paranormal and mythological elements wrapped up in romance. Amazon gives us two choices for genres. Any recommendations for how to list a book of fantasy, suspense, romance, psychics, fae, and daemons?
The pre-order date opens tomorrow. The release date is scheduled for May 28th.

What's this series about?
This is not a series about the zodiac at all. It was inspired by my mother who was a Gemini and after she died, this idea came to me when I thought of her. My Gemini are descendants of a forbidden love between royal fae and druid twins. Their children have been both cursed and blessed with a gift and a goal. Unfortunately, throughout the ages they've been hunted by a daemon conjured from the Underworld. Capable of traveling through time and space and assuming human form, the Droughan has been known by many names...Dahmer, Jack the Ripper, Vlad the Impaler, and Bundy, just to name a few.
The Gemini, two parts of the same soul, are destined to meet, fall in love, and return the elemental stones to Fal. Their goal is to reopen the portals between Fae and the mortal world before the darkness of the Underworld destroys the light and all that we are. Over eons of time, the prophecy has been forgotten...but the Droughan is back and psychics are being murdered.

A Fae Myth is the prequel. This book shows the story that brought about the Gemini and the prophecy. Get ready for the first book in the series coming in December.


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