Sunday, August 30, 2009


      YOU’RE entitled to panic when . . .

·       You go to close your manuscript in Word and it asks you if you want to save any changes and you swear you didn’t make any.

·       You get up during the night, don’t turn on the light and step in something wet

·       Worse yet ... something scurries over your foot

·       Or you walk into a spider’s web large enough to be a curtain

·       Or you bump into someone and remember no ones home

    Now, here are some alcohol induced panic moments:

·       You roll over in bed and you don’t recognize the person beside you

·       You turn to the other side and there’s someone else laying there you don’t recognize

·       You walk outside and don’t have any idea where you are

·       It’s not the right season

·       Did you remember to put on underwear this morning?

Can you come up with any other panic moments? I bet you can!

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Have a Great Day

~~ Eliza~~

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  1. ...the night I went into the bath room, minus a light, and sat down on the toilet only to find my husband was already sitting there!!!!

    Reply from my friend, Anonymous