Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What Interests Men?

Judging by the contents of MAXIM magazine, heres what MEN value, and not necessarily in this order, but intuitively deciphered by the content:

1. SEX - Thin, scantily clad, pretty women (duh!)

2. Perfecting the One Night Stand

3. Food (DUH!)

4. Technology (Duh!)

5. ALCOHOL Various Vodkas, Beers, & Tequila (good choice)

6. Male performance enhancement information & drugs (I guess to handle #1 above, to prevent needing #2 or when drinking too much #5)

7. Very little fashion and some fragrance ( & the fashion statements are board shorts and bare naked chests the chests were okay)

8. Step by Step Instructions for producing the largest, most effective CANNON BALL splash (YES, really...)

9. Oh, and apparently they want to read about Steven Tyler instead of Liv Tyler (Whats that about?)

Its no wonder women observe men and shake their heads. I think its also the reason we find them so fascinating. Sometimes they really arent thinking about anything when you ask, and they respond, Uh, nothin.

Of course, we shouldnt judge men by the magazines they read. I wouldnt want to be judged by my magazine choices. (I’m pleading the fifth, but apparently I read MAXIM J) Would you?



  1. Having been raised with men (52 boy cousins), and having worked in all-male jobs (drove big trucks cross country & was the only female on a unit w/130 male inmates) I have been privy to the secret side of men, able to observe them in their own environment so to speak. Men are very basic creatures: food, comfort, sex--that's about it for them.

    I asked my husband once if he fantasizes about a movie star or center fold while we're having sex. He looked at me like I was insane, and said, "When we have sex I can't see, I can't hear, and I can barely breathe, and you think I can fantasize?"

    I guess that about sums it up!

    Rie McGaha...fantasy that keeps you up

  2. Fun blog! Men are definitely fascinating creatures. I was raised by a single mom with one sister, so I came into marriage knowing little about men. Now my husband and I have two teenage boys, and the testosterone in the house is overwhelming sometimes! But I certainly know more about men now, LOL. They're still fascinating.


  3. Hi Eliza,

    Congratulations on your blog. I had to laugh when I read your list. Have you seen the lastest cover, or any cover from Vogue? (not that I read it *g*)

    Men are a mystery, maybe that's why they're so fascinating?

    Oh, and Stephen Tyler is cool. ; )

  4. It's funny. we say that men are fascinating creatures but I think it's very much displaced. We're the fascinating, mysterious ones. I say this having grown up with brothers and having lived with one man for twenty years. They need us but they don't like to admit it. Most of the great men I know have had the wondrous influence of a great woman.
    Love your blog look. It's beautiful and I really wanted to read it. Mary Kennedy Eastham, Author, 'The Shadow of a Dog I Can't Forget' and the upcoming novel, 'Night Surfing'

  5. I'd like to thank you all for posting. What a hoot! Ria, can I borrow your husband's line, sometime? LOL

  6. * snort * My hubby reminds me all the time that his needs are minimal. Sex, food, sex, sleep, sex, food, sex...oh and a little more sex!

    Now why is it women are the ones reading and writing romance again? We need to have sex on the brain more often to keep up with our men!

  7. Yep, just about what I guessed, LOL They are fascinating creatures, that's for sure. Definitely fun to write about...and to bend to our will, whether in fiction or reality. ;)

    Great new blog, Eliza! I'll stop by often.

  8. They want to read about Steve Tyler, they want to see pictures of Liv in a bikini! Great blog.

  9. Thanks everyone. I loved all your comments. I'm so glad you stopped by. Next week, on Friday, I'm visiting Catherine's blog to celebrate the release of my new book - HOT HIGHLAND FLING, so stop by and keep me company. We'll speculate about what's under a real Scotsman's kilt!

    And don't forget tomorrow is Wednesday ... Let's see what I come up with to Rant about. Hmmm ... ;-)